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DIY Noel Display

Hello beautifuls! How is your Christmas planning and organising going? Who has all their decorations up and who hasn’t started yet?

For someone who started Christmas projects back in September I dont feel very organised at all!  Admittedly most of what I’ve been doing has been for craft fares.  Speaking of which, I’ve only gone and signed up to do another one 6 days before Christmas! Mad huh? Most of the house decorations are up, but the trouble is there are so many creative projects to try and I don’t know how or when to stop! Which leads me onto today’s make!

The original idea for this came from Pinterest I made mine using what I already had, with some help from the trusty woods that I love so much!

The cardboard ‘N’ was already in my possession from another project but they are inexpensive and can be easily bought from most craft stores.

I wanted to try and make the ‘o’ like a miniature wreath, so on one of my ‘wood walks’ with Saffie I started to have a look around for what was needed. I tried a few thin branches but they were too dry and kept snapping. Then I found the perfect branch that was still supple, had lots of bend in it and was quite long.

I made an ‘o’ with the branch and kept going round and twisting it around itself so that it kept its shape. As in all woods there is copious amounts of holly and ivy (I couldn’t stop singing the hymn for the entire walk!) so I picked a couple of small amounts of ivy and wound that around too and that was that.


I was toying in my mind how to make the ‘e’ and ‘l’ or where I could get them from.  My daughter suggested that we use the ones from our ‘love’ wooden letters in the kitchen. GENIUS – She’s a clever little cookie! So this was the original result, I thought to start with that I may change the ‘l’ to mix it up a bit, but with the extra lights that have been added I’m really, really liking it the way it is.




Hope you enjoyed this post and are getting into the festive mood. Let’s all try and remember that it doesn’t actually matter if we have the house looking ‘perfect’ and that it’s about so much more than that. Look after yourselves don’t just run around trying to be everything to everyone!

How are you all feeling about Christmas this year? Would be so great to hear from some of you ❤️

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  • Reply jenny white December 8, 2015 at 10:04 pm

    Looks lovely Kate.
    Pressies are nearly done, but decorating won’t take place until 12 days before Christmas……a tradition of my mum’s that I have carried on………..having said that, the decs may be more minimalist than normal due to the arrival of Purdy’s 8 little fur balls that arrived on Sunday!

    Look forward to more posts from you xx

    • Reply Kate December 9, 2015 at 10:35 pm

      That’s lovely Jenny. Traditions are a wonderful part of Christmas. I think we probably do it all too early these days but I love having the tree up so much I want to get the most out of it. By the time new year has come I can’t get it all down quick enough xxx

    • Reply Kate December 11, 2015 at 3:22 pm

      Oh gosh I missed the bit about the fur balls! Didn’t know she was pregnant! How exciting! X

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