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Decoupage Lantern and Baubles Tutorial

Hello my lovelies, it’s getting closer! We only have this week and then the children are all off for the Christmas holidays. So so exciting! But, with a capital ‘B’, there is so much to do that needs to be done before then, as once our kids are home we don’t seem to get quite as much done. Am I right?!

So bearing that in mind I am plodding through my list, bit by bit, hoping all the stuff that needs to be done this week gets done.  You know what though? I have realised over the years that no matter what happens, Christmas will come and Christmas will go and it will all be fine, even if we didn’t manage to make that super duper Christmas pudding that we have been planning for ages!!

With this being the first Christmas that I have been writing the blog I obviously have more to do than before because I’m blogging most of the things that I’m making and doing, it’s amazing how much brain space blogging takes up, let alone actual time!

Now let’s get on with the tutorial. This is such an easy thing to do and it’s a great one to do with kids of all ages.

First you need a recycled jar (where would I be without my jars?!)

Small paintbrush

A 50/50 mix of pva glue and water (this is my own version of decoupage glue which is very expensive to buy in the craft stores and this works just as well)

Sheets of tissue paper, recycled pages of books or as I used, recycled bible pages which works really well because they are quite thin

Some glitter (I like to use the very fine stuff but any is good)

Brown string

Tea light


Get your paper, whichever you have decided to use and decide if you want to do whole pieces on sections of the jar or if you prefer you can cut or tear smaller pieces and stick them on randomly, overlapping as you go.

I used whole pieces of the bible so that I could still read what it actually said. I used psalms. I love the way the candle shines through and lights up the words.

Section by section put your glue onto the jar using the paintbrush and then take your piece or pieces of paper and stick to the jar. The paper can be moved around slightly if you want to reposition but be careful as it will easily tear. Then cover the same section in more glue. The glue needs to be under the paper and over.

Keep repeating the process until the jar is covered.

As soon as you have finished covering the jar and the glue is still wet sprinkle on the glitter. You can use as much or as little as you want, but remember you can always add more but you won’t be able to take it off!

Leave them somewhere to dry and then add the brown string around the top and tie a bow.

Top Tip – make sure your jars have a big enough opening for the tea light before you make the lantern. I found out the hard way with this one and have never been able to put a candle in!


Pop your tea light in, light and enjoy the pretty glow of your lantern.


The kids and I made these last year along with some cheap plastic baubles using the same method, but for the baubles you need to use the cut up pieces of paper.



It really really is that simple and you probably have most of the things you need for this already. Maybe you could try it with the kids once they break up from school?

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Looking forward to hearing from you.

See you all again soon ❤️

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  • Reply Sam Cooper December 21, 2015 at 7:54 pm

    I have an idea that can help you with the jar that is too small!

    If you glue a wick (they are a pound or two for 20) in to the jar than add melted wax (you can repurpose tea lights) around it, you’ll be able to use it as a candle 🙂

    • Reply Kate December 21, 2015 at 8:50 pm

      What a fab idea Sam! I already have the wicks as have made candles before. Thanks Sam you are a star! Xxx

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