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The wait is finally over!

Yay the day is finally here.  We, (our home) is being featured in an inspirational home magazine and its release date is today!

An opportunity came our way a few months ago and completely out of the blue. My friend Steph, who owns The Vintage Dove, was asked by an independent journalist if she could do a feature on their house. For lots of different reasons Steph decided not to go ahead with it, so when the journalist asked if she knew anyone whose home could work for a feature, Steph suggested us.

I really don’t think I would ever have put featuring my home in a magazine on my dreams list, (kind of like a bucket list but with more emphasis on the living!) but hey, when things fall in your lap, why not!! I can honestly say that it has been such a wonderful experience from start to finish. I have met some lovely people and had a load of fun at the same time 😉 Colin Poole is the photographer that took all the shots for the magazine, so the image in this post was taken by him.  He was great fun to work with as was Charlotte, the editor of  the magazine.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank them both. Being given this opportunity was a huge encouragement for me to finally start this blog.
The name of the magazine is Homestyle and you can get it pretty much anywhere. So if you would like to see more of the house and some of the ideas that have been featured, go and grab yourself a copy. I shall, obviously, be buying several copies ☺️

I used to work in The Vintage Dove, which I loved, but decided to give that up to do the things that I wanted to do for myself. Steph is a very good friend and we have been through a lot together. Obviously because she is my friend I am going to boast about her shop but it really is the sweetest place. If you have a love for coffee and gorgeous things, big and small for your home, this is the place for you. Maybe I’ll see you there sometime ☕️ Telephone 01634 372178

Also to mention a good friend of mine who is on her own exciting journey.  She is the person responsible for the amazing artwork behind me in the featured image.  Her name is Sarah and if you would like to contact her about her art please do at the following email address

I would like to thank all my incredibly encouraging friends and family that have helped me on my journey so far. Too many to list but you all know who you are. Thank you ❤️


Photographer Colin Poole

Photographer Colin Poole