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Hi hope you are all good.

I didn’t post anything last week, not because I didn’t want to or hadn’t worked on anything, but what I was writing about just wouldn’t seem to come together for me and I felt it was too important to post without feeling 100% satisfied.  It’s in my draughts and when I have completed it properly I will share with you.

I’m very excited to be able to say that I finally got round to sorting out the utility room!

Now as you can see its not completely finished but I have repainted the walls, replaced the carpet and got rid of all the junk in there.  Now the fun stuff can start.  I’ve been looking through pinterest for some inspiration.  I want some shelves that I can have some pretty stuff on to soften the room and also some shelves for the practical bits and pieces.  I’m trying to decide if I want cupboards to hide all those bits or if that will make the room too small.  Ideas?

I’m also considering some kind of wall mounted air dryer but again I don’t want to enclose the room, it is only a little space.  The window is going to be made private by trying a technique I got from pinterest – I do love me a bit of pinterest don’t you?  You get some material that you measure and cut to the size of the window and then make up a solution of cornflour and water and basically glue it to the window.  I think it has the potential to look amazing, but also to go horribly wrong but I’m going to give it a go.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

It probably sounds silly to some but the satisfaction I have felt from doing this has been unbelievable. After all it is only a very small, functional part of the house and the door is nearly always shut (although since it’s been done I have left the door open a lot more). Part of the reason for feeling so satisfied is because I’ve wanted this doing since the house was remodelled 5 years ago and I finally got round to doing it myself, with a little help from Mr H, but only a little!  Also as I’m always saying tidy house, tidy mind.  It really works like that for me.  Anyone else feel the same?

I have also moved the laundry basket to the utility now, which means the family puts their washing in there instead of in a massive pile in front of the machine making it nigh on impossible to get to the machine itself!  It can’t just be me that gets so much satisfaction  from such seemingly small things.

So all in all I have sorted my craft room, the utility room and the under stairs cupboard, three weeks ago I was overwhelmed by the thought of all of it as you can read in my post Rainbows which I hope you find an encouragement if you have been overwhelmed yourself.

I also want to give you an update on our situation with regards to a holiday, also mentioned in the rainbows post.  We have been looking at all kinds of holidays and going round and round in circles really.  Nothing we saw really inspired us or the children.  The money that suddenly became ‘available’ to us was a nice amount but still left us a little short for what we were hoping for – despite not really knowing what we wanted to do!

After a week or so of looking Mr H mentioned that he has quite a few air miles and that maybe we could use those to get us to the states.  I wasn’t overly enthralled by the idea for different reasons, but we kept coming back to it.  Long story short we have booked to go to Las Vegas!  The air miles meant that all four of us can fly (including a premium return flight) for just a tad over £200 each – crazy!  I’m sure Las Vegas isn’t highest on the list for family holidays but after looking into it, it’s the perfect place for us as a family.  Mr H gets to play golf, there is a beautiful pool at the hotel we are staying at, a couple of water parks not far away and then there’s Vegas itself with all the buzz and entertainment that you can enjoy for free.  I feel so blessed at the moment it almost doesn’t feel real, but it is and we are going to enjoy every bit of it.   This is the first time in 7 Years that I have been able to take the children abroad so it’s a big deal.

It would be great to hear from some of you about holidays that you have planned or trips that you dream of taking. Dreaming is the best place to start with any aspirations you have for your life.  Life is for living let’s get out there and live it!

If you enjoy following ‘inkatesshoes’ you can also follow me on my facebook page In Kates Shoes or on instagram at inkatesshoes1 it would be great to interact with some of you there.

Have a blessed and peaceful weekend.


With love










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  • Reply Lesley Smith July 15, 2016 at 7:19 pm

    Hi Kate,
    You will enjoy Vegas, there are some shopping malls both in Vegas and about 35 minutes outside. Check out who is playing in Vegas when you are there as the entertainment is very good. The restaurant on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower is good and not too expensive but is a treat. Horse riding along Red Rock Canyon is like being in a cowboy film, but don’t look down (lol).

    • Reply Kate July 16, 2016 at 6:33 am

      We are all so excited. Thank you for your tips Lesley xxx

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