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Sass Harding Photography

This week I would like to introduce you to a very talented friend of mine and the journey she has been on to get where she is today.

Sass always had an interest in  photography, even when she was very young.  Her mum introduced it to her and she always remembers it being a big deal to be able to take pictures with the ‘good’ camera.  As a family they always took lots of pictures and videos to record their memories.  Sass recalls seeing a film about a photographer when she was about 11 years old and remembers wanting to be like her.

Arts and crafts were always a big part of life at home and so naturally she did art at school, which was her favourite subject.  The plan was to do an arts degree, but due to illness, missed a lot of school.  In spite of the amount of work that was missed Sass still managed to get an A so decided to do art A level in the 6th form.  Unfortunately she had another bout of illness and wasn’t enjoying the course so that came to an end.

About 6 years ago, a friend asked Sass what she would be doing if illness wasn’t a problem.  Without hesitation her answer was to be a photographer.  At around the same time she decided to do an open university course for digital photography.  It was an online course which she found quite helpful, but was more technically based than practical which Sass felt would have been more helpful to her at the time.

After the course Sass didn’t do a lot photography wise, other than for her own enjoyment.  In the summer of 2013 she started asking photographers that she knew or knew of for some advice on taking photos.  Once she had decided what kind of photos she was comfortable with she asked friends and family if she could do some shoots for free whilst she built up her confidence and own style.

It wasn’t long before Sass was being asked to do paid jobs.  Some of the things she has been asked to do include the following

  • gift vouchers
  • families
  • local bands
  • newborns
  • childrens modelling portfolios
  • maternity
  • birthday parties
  • children and siblings
  • cake business launch for Inspirata
  • engagements
  • weddings
  • cake smash (1st birthday)
  • blog photography for

Years before any of this happened Sass had met a photographer through mutual friends and they stayed in touch via social media as she lives in Canada.  Completely out of the blue this friend asked Sass if she would like to be her second at a wedding she was shooting over here.  Sass was very shocked and didn’t feel qualified, but the friend was very persuasive so she took a leap of faith and said yes.  It helped her so much to gain confidence and experience without the weight of the wedding photos totally on her which also prepared her for the wedding she had agreed to do for a family friend.

Ever since then Sass has had a constant, steady flow of work, she has never had to advertise, it all comes by word of mouth.  She’s also been able to take things at her own pace which has been helpful with health being a bit of an issue.

It has never been about making money for Sass, but about a personal passion and enjoyment of photography that also happens to make money.

Below is the link to her website.  Why not take a look at some of her beautiful work.  I totally love her style and am excited to say that there will be some new photos on my blog page soon, courtesy of Sass Harding Photography.  Cant wait.

I really want to emphasise that the point of this blog, as with all my blogs is to encourage and inspire you.  Obviously I am also promoting friends and their talents, but the true sense behind it all is for you to see that if it’s possible for them it is also possible for you.  We all have different talents and passions and the world is just waiting for you to shine.

I would like to hear about any passions that you have and maybe by sharing them here it will be your first step towards achieving them.

Have a wonderful weekend

With love

Kate x






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  • Reply Gilly September 30, 2016 at 11:47 pm

    What a talented young lady. Checked out her website and thought she had taken some amazing shots. Thanks for sharing Kate

    • Reply Kate October 1, 2016 at 7:14 am

      You are very welcome. She really does take beautiful pictures doesn’t she? We are doing the shoot for my blog next week, so looking forward to it! Thanks for your comment Gilly x

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