Schools Out For Summer

OK who sang the title?  Schoooooooools out… for…summer!!!! Ha ha! I can’t just say that, it has to be sung.  Incase some of you don’t know what I’m talking about, it was a song performed by a Alice Cooper back in 1972.  If you still don’t know, you are far too young!  Google it – strange guy.

I hope you’ve all been enjoying this amazing weather.  Summer finally came.  It has actually been a bit too hot for me.  I know, I know we have been waiting for it for ages, stop complaining, but I can’t function properly in these temperatures, hoping and praying that the weather stays lovely for the summer holidays though.  It’s so different if your on holiday, lying by the pool with a cocktail in hand!

I would really love to know what some of you guys have planned for the holidays.  Where are you going on holiday?  What kind of days out do you have planned?  Are you just taking the time to regroup and chill without having to do the school run?  No school run is just the best isn’t it?  Even though both of mine make their own way to school now, we still have to be up and organised and I love not having that pressure.

Mine went off to their Dads last night for 2 weeks.  I’m guessing some of you will think “wow! How cool would that be to get a couple of weeks to yourself!”  Truth be told there really is something to be said for that and I have learned to make the absolute most of the time, it has become a real blessing.  I also imagine that some of you would be filled with dread at the thought of not having your children for 2 whole weeks. When I was first faced with that reality it nearly floored me.  When you live your whole life around your family and then suddenly for periods of time you have no family to look after, it’s devastating, you have to learn to restructure your life for those times.  Like I said it has now become a real blessing as it gives Mr H and I time to do what we need/want to do.  We never had a time in our relationship without children.  That is not to say I don’t miss them when they are gone though.

The plan is to finish off the utility room and some other much needed jobs around the house.  Boring?  I’m actually really excited.  Is that sad?  I think the fact that we are going to Vegas in 3 weeks helps.

I’ve decided that over the holidays I’m going to take a break from the blog.  If you have read ‘in kates shoes’ from the start you’ll know that last year I didn’t write through the summer, I was just too busy enjoying it with my family.  So I have decided that instead of feeling like I should be writing I’m going to say I’m not and if anything really grabs me and I feel I want to share in that time, I will.

I will be sharing on Facebook and instagram so feel free to follow me on those.

Wishing you all an incredibly happy, blessed, peaceful and adventurous summer.

Much love to you all






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  • Reply jayne jewiss July 23, 2016 at 1:02 pm

    Do enjoy your summer Kate. Looking forward to more of your writing in the autumn xxxx

    • Reply Kate July 26, 2016 at 11:01 pm

      Thank you Jane. You too xxx

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