Happy 2nd birthday Inspirata!


Hi, hope your all having a fantastic weekend. I don’t tend to post on a Sunday but there is a good reason for doing this one today, as it suggests in the title, we are celebrating! One of the things I really want to do on this blog, is to share others creativity and ventures. There is so much creativity out there and I am very blessed to know a lot of people who do amazing things. I’m sure that as I continue on my journey, I will meet many more.  I also want to encourage you all to follow your dreams! I’m doing things now that I would never have believed!

My very talented friend Jo started her cake business 2yrs ago today, so it is a good day to tell you all about her journey. Jo always knew that she was creative and had an interest in baking cakes. Her mum used to bake a lot which helped. When Jo’s first child was born he was quite poorly, so they had a celebration party when he was better and she decided to make her first cake and then again for his 1st birthday.

She enjoyed making the cakes so much that she knew she wanted to do more, so she started making them for all sorts of different occasions. One for her Mum on Mother’s Day, family birthdays and social events. People then started asking if she could make cakes for their events. To start with Jo only charged for the ingredients, but after she had being doing it for a while, her husband suggested that maybe she ought to start making some money from what she was doing. They decided in 2012 to have their existing kitchen ripped out and make an investment for the future by putting in a really nice kitchen that would make the cake baking and decorating easier. The new kitchen was completed in the early part of 2013 and on October 4th 2013, Inspirata cakes was born!

Jo asked friends who ran their own business, to help her create a logo  that looked and sounded professional but that also meant a lot to her personally. Clearly she wanted a cake to be the main starting point and purple is her favourite colour so that was the natural choice. The flower that is featured is called a vanda orchid, one of the flowers that was in her wedding bouquet. She likes butterflies anyway but also saw it as a symbol of new beginnings. The name inspirata came about after playing around with words like inspired and inspiration. Inspirata is the female version of, ‘in the spirit’ in latin, which resonated with Jo and so the name was chosen.

With 2yrs experience running the business, Jo has never looked back and absolutely loves what she does. It has always been her desire from the beginning to go as far as she can with her cake making skills. She has a dream to bake a cake for the royal family one day! She also has a strong desire to help and encourage other people to learn and improve baking and decorating skills by doing workshops and wants to incorporate charity events. Most of, if not all her work comes through recommendations. Jo made the cake for my mums 80th birthday celebration and it really was amazing, not only to look at but also to eat and she made it gluten free!

Well done Jo for all you have achieved so far. Looking forward to seeing much more.

Happy birthday Inspirata! 💜

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Jos first tiered wedding cake

Jos first tiered wedding cake

Gromit cake for a charity event

Gromit cake for a charity event

Mums 80th birthday cake

Mums 80th birthday cake


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