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Driftwood Sailboat

Happy Friday to you all.

I haven’t done a craft post for a fair while so that is the order for today.

As you know I love the beach and sea and all things beachy.   Whites, greys, shades of blue, stripes, driftwood, shells, sea glass and the list goes on.  As you can see from the picture and title I’m showing you how to make a driftwood sail boat.  I have always loved the look of these and wanted to try them and I’ve finally got round to it.

To start here is a list of all the supplies you will need to make my version

  1. Hot glue gun or craft glue
  2. Material. I think cotton is best in whichever colour you prefer
  3. Thin white twine/string
  4. Small screwdriver or similar, maybe a metal skewer
  5. Large Philips head screwdriver
  6. Driftwood for the hull and for the mast


The first step is to make a hole in the hull part of the driftwood that the mast piece will fit into.  I did this by starting the hole with the small screwdriver.  Then I used the Philips screwdriver to make the hole deeper and wider (I’m sure there are better tools to do this but it’s what I had and it worked really well).


Next the sails need to be measured.  I did this by laying the boat flat and just putting the material up against it and cutting it out by eye, I rarely use specific measurements, which works a lot of the time but I do have the occasional disaster.  If you are more of a measuring kind of person go with it.


Once you have done that you need to put some glue into the hole and attach the mast.  I used the hot glue gun which I find hold things better, but you can use craft glue although I would recommend buying a glue gun if you can they are widely available  for as little as £5 and they really are worth the money.  I got mine from Wilkinsons.


To attach the sails to the mast you will need the white string and the small screwdriver.  Push the screwdriver or skewer, whatever you are using, through the back of the sail at the top corner, not too close to the edge to avoid it fraying.  Once you have made the hole push the string through the back.  It took me several attempts to do this but if you find it very difficult just make the hole a tad bigger.

img_0881   img_0884

Then you need to make a knot in the string, pull through but not all the way, put a blob of glue where the knot will sit and pull the string until the knot sits on the glue.


Do the same for the bottom part of the sail.  Now it’s time to attach the sail to the mast.  Hold the sail up against the mast and the take the string around the back of the mast, wrap round a couple of times and before you pull it too tight thread the end of the string through the last loop, pull quite tight but allowing room for the sail to sit nicely against the mast.  If it’s too tight the sail wont sit well.  Trim off the excess.

img_0887  img_0888

Obviously you will need to do the same for the bottom of the sail and repeat the process for the other side. For the flag, again I didn’t measure I just folded some material and cut out a rough triangle shape.  The first one I cut wasn’t big enough as I didn’t allow extra for the fact that it was being wrapped around the mast.  If you don’t like the shape just trim it until you find the shape that looks right for you.  Put some glue on the side of the mast where the flag will sit and then wrap the flag around, then pop some glue between the two sides of the flag and press together.  Don’t use too much like I did as it all oozed out of the side.


I’m really pleased with the way it turned out.  Like I said at the beginning, this is my version.  There are so many ways to make these and if you look on Pinterest there are some brilliant versions, but I like simplicity, especially when I first try something, it might evolve if I decide to make more.  One of the best things about any kind of art or craft is that it’s open to interpretation.  I might try another one but on a bigger scale, we shall see.

I hope you feel inspired to give this craft a go.  Please let me know how you get on if you do or if you have enjoyed this post.

Wishing you all an amazing weekend.

Take care

Much love

Kate x



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Exciting Things Ahead

Hello lovely people.

Just a quick post today to give you a bit of an insight into what is happening inkatesshoes.

There’s lots that has changed and lots that is about to change for me. I’ve been feeling so stuck in my usual day to day life that I have decided to really step up and out of my comfort zone.

Firstly I am now doing reception at our church in Eastgate every Friday which I am loving. The atmosphere is brilliant and I love all the interaction.

Secondly I have had an interview at a local hospice for a volunteer position.  I have been offered the position and I’m just waiting for the references to come back.  I will be working with the day patients in a creative capacity.  Basically facilitating crafts for those who would like to take part at any level.  The idea is to bring colour, positivity and joy to the patients.  How exciting is that?  It’s only a Tuesday but it is every week.

I am also helping to host a new kids programme at the church after school on a Tuesday.  Tuesdays are obviously going to be one of my busiest days now.  It is just for 6 weeks to start and if it’s successful we will do more in the future.

Lastly I’ve been asked if I would like to contribute some art to an art exhibition that is being held at Eastgate.  When they first asked I thought “why are they asking me?” but once I had some time to think about it I felt pretty excited.  I always fancy doing painting but never seem to put the time aside for it.  Now that I have committed to it I will have to make the time.  The theme is the beach, couldn’t be more perfect for me.  We have been asked to do 3 small ish sized canvasses but it doesn’t have to be just paint, we can use any kind of mediums we want. I’m thinking I might use some of the driftwood that I have been collecting (hence the picture).

So that’s a bit about what I am and will be up to.  I will be sharing about all of it as it unfolds.

What do you have planned? What would you like to do?

Have a wonderful weekend.

Much love

Kate x


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Utility Room

Hi hope you are all good.

I didn’t post anything last week, not because I didn’t want to or hadn’t worked on anything, but what I was writing about just wouldn’t seem to come together for me and I felt it was too important to post without feeling 100% satisfied.  It’s in my draughts and when I have completed it properly I will share with you.

I’m very excited to be able to say that I finally got round to sorting out the utility room!

Now as you can see its not completely finished but I have repainted the walls, replaced the carpet and got rid of all the junk in there.  Now the fun stuff can start.  I’ve been looking through pinterest for some inspiration.  I want some shelves that I can have some pretty stuff on to soften the room and also some shelves for the practical bits and pieces.  I’m trying to decide if I want cupboards to hide all those bits or if that will make the room too small.  Ideas?

I’m also considering some kind of wall mounted air dryer but again I don’t want to enclose the room, it is only a little space.  The window is going to be made private by trying a technique I got from pinterest – I do love me a bit of pinterest don’t you?  You get some material that you measure and cut to the size of the window and then make up a solution of cornflour and water and basically glue it to the window.  I think it has the potential to look amazing, but also to go horribly wrong but I’m going to give it a go.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

It probably sounds silly to some but the satisfaction I have felt from doing this has been unbelievable. After all it is only a very small, functional part of the house and the door is nearly always shut (although since it’s been done I have left the door open a lot more). Part of the reason for feeling so satisfied is because I’ve wanted this doing since the house was remodelled 5 years ago and I finally got round to doing it myself, with a little help from Mr H, but only a little!  Also as I’m always saying tidy house, tidy mind.  It really works like that for me.  Anyone else feel the same?

I have also moved the laundry basket to the utility now, which means the family puts their washing in there instead of in a massive pile in front of the machine making it nigh on impossible to get to the machine itself!  It can’t just be me that gets so much satisfaction  from such seemingly small things.

So all in all I have sorted my craft room, the utility room and the under stairs cupboard, three weeks ago I was overwhelmed by the thought of all of it as you can read in my post Rainbows which I hope you find an encouragement if you have been overwhelmed yourself.

I also want to give you an update on our situation with regards to a holiday, also mentioned in the rainbows post.  We have been looking at all kinds of holidays and going round and round in circles really.  Nothing we saw really inspired us or the children.  The money that suddenly became ‘available’ to us was a nice amount but still left us a little short for what we were hoping for – despite not really knowing what we wanted to do!

After a week or so of looking Mr H mentioned that he has quite a few air miles and that maybe we could use those to get us to the states.  I wasn’t overly enthralled by the idea for different reasons, but we kept coming back to it.  Long story short we have booked to go to Las Vegas!  The air miles meant that all four of us can fly (including a premium return flight) for just a tad over £200 each – crazy!  I’m sure Las Vegas isn’t highest on the list for family holidays but after looking into it, it’s the perfect place for us as a family.  Mr H gets to play golf, there is a beautiful pool at the hotel we are staying at, a couple of water parks not far away and then there’s Vegas itself with all the buzz and entertainment that you can enjoy for free.  I feel so blessed at the moment it almost doesn’t feel real, but it is and we are going to enjoy every bit of it.   This is the first time in 7 Years that I have been able to take the children abroad so it’s a big deal.

It would be great to hear from some of you about holidays that you have planned or trips that you dream of taking. Dreaming is the best place to start with any aspirations you have for your life.  Life is for living let’s get out there and live it!

If you enjoy following ‘inkatesshoes’ you can also follow me on my facebook page In Kates Shoes or on instagram at inkatesshoes1 it would be great to interact with some of you there.

Have a blessed and peaceful weekend.


With love










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DIY Decoupage

Hello all happy Friday to you!

Hope you all had a good week and an enjoyable weekend.  We went away on the church holiday, (just a weekend) and it was absolutely brilliant. My only complaint is that it goes too quickly.  This was the fourth year we’ve gone and it never disappoints, we had such a laugh.

About a month ago I did a post about the Creative Hub I did which you can read here.  Today I have decided to post about the craft itself – Decoupage.  This is especially for you Jo as you requested I do it.  Jo is my friend at Inspirata and you can read about her journey in this post.

List of what you will need

PVA Glue



Brush – either sponge or normal whatever you prefer or have to hand

The item you want to decoupage such as a tile, hanger, bottle of wine etc

Patterned tissues/decoupage paper

Clear matt spray varnish

Scissors if you want to cut the pieces




Here are some example of tissues that I have used




The reason this post is titled ‘DIY Decoupage’ is that you can end up spending quite a lot of money on things like this when you buy all the ‘recommended’ bits and pieces.  I’m not one for spending more on something if there is no need so instead of buying ModPodge, which I believe to be the most popular brand out there, I use 50/50 PVA glue/water, put it into your pot or container and mix up really well.  Ta Dah! Your very own, inexpensive ModPodge! It will last for absolutely ages in a well sealed container so you can save it for future projects.

Also in decoupage you can buy the ‘proper’ paper but again its very expensive for what it is, having said that there are some beautiful designs and if your doing something really special they are probably worth investing in.  I’ve always been really pleased with the results from using the tissues, for doing things like tile coasters, hangers, bottles of wine and the lovely shaped boxes you can get in craft stores.

Once you have all your supplies ready you can start.  There are 2 ways that I decoupage, one is to just tear pieces of the tissue/paper into equal ish sizes (or you can cut), the other is to use larger pieces of the tissue/paper and cover much larger parts of your project. With the smaller pieces you just keep adding them by slightly overlapping each piece as you go, this will give a more rustic look and obviously the pattern won’t run as all the pieces are merging.  Using the larger pieces will keep more of a uniform look with the pattern but depending on what you are decorating it can be quite tricky and you will still have to line up in places.

When I make coasters from tiles I use a whole piece the size of the tile as its such a simple way of doing it.  Covering a wine bottle is easier to use the smaller pieces and it gives a really lovely look.  When I took the creative hub some of the girls did something I had never tried before which I loved.  Using certain designs they cut out individual pieces, like flowers and butterflies.  In these pictures I have shown that technique (left pic) and the tearing and overlapping (right pic).


So as you can see I have left gaps in the cutting out technique  and with the background being white I think it’s really effective.  It’s all a bit trial and error to find the way you like to work the most.

Once you have completely covered your piece and it has dried, cover it in at least one coat extra of the glue mixture.  For things like hangers one is plenty but for coasters, but I do about three extra coats to help them stay hardy.  Leave each layer to dry before adding another and once the last coat is fully dry thats when I spray with the varnish.  Again for a hanger one coat would suffice but for a coaster I would do about three.

A few tips to remember

I don’t usually use all the layers of the tissue.  Sometimes I use two layers and sometimes if I want a really fine look just the top layer, although you need to be careful as it can tear when wet with the glue.

Make sure the area you are about to put your piece of tissue on is covered in glue, but don’t over do it. Also put enough on the top to make sure it’s stuck down properly but if you use too much it has more chance of tearing and slipping around and will take an age to dry.

When you are using torn/cut pieces and overlapping them try not to overlap too much as it will make the overall look very patchy.  Try and ‘fit’ them but only roughly.

Check the instructions on the spray varnish that you buy as to how far away you should spray, how long to let each coat dry and ventilation etc.


Hopefully I have explained in a way that is helpful.  If there is anything that doesn’t quite make sense to you or you have a better suggestion on technique don’t hesitate to post in the comments section.  If you do give it a go I would really appreciate some feedback and if you would like to share some pics of your finished piece that would be even better.

Wishing you all a really happy weekend.

Much love

Kate x



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Creative Hub

Hello again!  Hope you’ve had a wonderful week and are looking forward to the weekend.  What do you have planned?  We don’t have any plans to speak of, but I am hoping to spend some time tidying up the garden so that I can start to sit out there and enjoy it.

Thank you for all your likes, shares and comments on my birthday post, they were so appreciated.  As I mentioned in that post, I took a creative evening at our church on wednesday called  The Creative Hub.  It’s a group organised by a lovely friend of mine called Jayne. The idea is that anyone who likes crafts and any kind of creating can go along, and with like minded people, in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere, create.  It is not a church specific activity, it’s open to anyone to come along.

I had mentioned to Jayne, maybe a couple of months back, that I would be interested in taking one of the evenings.  Her vision for the group was and is for different people to take the evenings to share what they do and enjoy, so she was over the moon with my offer.   I was so looking forward to it, but on Monday I started thinking “why did I offer to do this? I can’t think of anything that a group of creatives don’t know or haven’t tried yet”!  I had a real battle in my mind about it and felt like I had nothing to share.

Who knows that some of the things we think about ourselves are not good and we don’t have to listen to them?  I used to accept whatever came into my mind which was an overwhelming amount of negativity, but I have learnt so much over time to believe the good stuff, the truth of who God says I am and that not all thoughts are

1.  healthy

2.  true

Thinking so negatively about myself for much of my life was not only detrimental to me, but also those around me. Who wants to be around someone who is always so negative?

Once I got my thoughts straight I decided that I would do some decoupage.  Incase you haven’t heard of decoupage it is simply glueing pieces of paper (or in my case, tissue) to an object that you want to decorate.  You can buy the expensive bits to do this but I do it using 50/50 pva glue to water and give it a good mix, this lasts for months on end in a sealable container.  I then use the packs of tissues with all kinds of designs from flowers to golf clubs and bunting to wellies which you can find in gift shops and garden centres and I’m sure many other places.

I supplied wooden hangers, tiles to turn into coasters and champagne flutes to decoupage the stem.  When the majority said that they had never done decoupage before I was really surprised, one lady said it was something she had always wanted to try but had never gotten round to.  Good job I didn’t give in to the negative thoughts.  What really struck me about the evening was lots of people with the same materials, coming up with such different results, it was incredible. I was inspired to try things that I haven’t thought of before.  I’m so disappointed that I forgot to take some pictures to share with you.

I had really lovely feed back from everyone and they were all happy when they left, (maybe partly due to the bubbles I took to toast inkatesshoes birthday)!  I absolutely loved doing it and would love to do it again. The outcome of the evening for me was that we are all unique and have unique things to bring to life, whoever you are.  Don’t ever discount yourself because you don’t feel ‘good enough’.  We are all good enough, more than good enough and we all have value!

What are your thoughts?

If anyone would like me to do a post on decoupaging inkatesshoes style, let me know and I will endeavour to make that happen.

Wishing you all an amazingly blessed weekend.

Much love

Kate x

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Lampshade Makeover

Hey all you lovelies! How good is it to see some sunshine?! It makes everything feel better doesn’t it?

I’m really excited about this craft. Partly because it’s the first thing I’ve started and finished for ages and also because it was so simple but looks so fabulous!
I bought two plain lampshades about 4/6 months ago with the intention of doing ‘something’ with them. Every time I look at them I think “what am I going to do with those?”

This week I decided to have a look through Pinterest for some inspiration and when this little beauty by popped up, which you can check out here, I knew it was the one for me. Hardly any prep, easy and quick. What more could a girl want from/for a craft?

What you will need.

Lamp shade
White sheet or pillowcases.
Good scissors

Obviously mine is all white as that’s what I like but you could do different colour shades and sheets. It would be interesting to see it done in other colours. Maybe a blue lampshade with the white material?

Fortunately I had a white sheet in the cupboard that I had already started using for other crafts. If you don’t have one spare you can get them really cheaply in lots of places.
1. Make cuts along the top edge of the sheet, roughly 1 inch wide, then rip the sheet all the way to the bottoms, then pull off the loose threads on the edges.
2. Put one of the full sized strips through the lampshade so that you can measure how much you will need to double knot, leaving enough to give the effect.


Knot, cut then untie so you can measure the rest of the strips required.  There’s no need to be too accurate as the look is very shabby chic so doesn’t have to be perfect. (Remember if your starting to run out of strips to keep once back to measure more.

3. Once they are all cut you can start tying them around your shade. I did a really basic pattern where I tied the first one near the top and kept coming down with each one until I was at the bottom. I did it in groups of 5 so each time the 5th one was at the bottom I would start the next one at the top again. You could do any pattern or just random whatever you fancy really.



My lampshades were quite small, I used 30 ish on each one. Obviously the bigger your lampshade the more you will need to use and the longer they will need to be.  Also if you cut your strips narrower, you will need more and if you cut them thicker, you will need less.

I’m over the moon with the way they have turned out and so pleased I have actually gotten round to doing them. Yay me! It’s also inspired me to do something about the mirror in the bedroom too – which will be on another post.

I couldn’t resist sharing this pic too!


Hope you enjoyed this post, I really enjoyed doing it.  Let me know what you think and if you might give it a go. Would love some feed back and photos if anyone tries it. Happy crafting.

Lots of love ❤️

Kate Makes

Decoupage Lantern and Baubles Tutorial

Hello my lovelies, it’s getting closer! We only have this week and then the children are all off for the Christmas holidays. So so exciting! But, with a capital ‘B’, there is so much to do that needs to be done before then, as once our kids are home we don’t seem to get quite as much done. Am I right?!

So bearing that in mind I am plodding through my list, bit by bit, hoping all the stuff that needs to be done this week gets done.  You know what though? I have realised over the years that no matter what happens, Christmas will come and Christmas will go and it will all be fine, even if we didn’t manage to make that super duper Christmas pudding that we have been planning for ages!!

With this being the first Christmas that I have been writing the blog I obviously have more to do than before because I’m blogging most of the things that I’m making and doing, it’s amazing how much brain space blogging takes up, let alone actual time!

Now let’s get on with the tutorial. This is such an easy thing to do and it’s a great one to do with kids of all ages.

First you need a recycled jar (where would I be without my jars?!)

Small paintbrush

A 50/50 mix of pva glue and water (this is my own version of decoupage glue which is very expensive to buy in the craft stores and this works just as well)

Sheets of tissue paper, recycled pages of books or as I used, recycled bible pages which works really well because they are quite thin

Some glitter (I like to use the very fine stuff but any is good)

Brown string

Tea light


Get your paper, whichever you have decided to use and decide if you want to do whole pieces on sections of the jar or if you prefer you can cut or tear smaller pieces and stick them on randomly, overlapping as you go.

I used whole pieces of the bible so that I could still read what it actually said. I used psalms. I love the way the candle shines through and lights up the words.

Section by section put your glue onto the jar using the paintbrush and then take your piece or pieces of paper and stick to the jar. The paper can be moved around slightly if you want to reposition but be careful as it will easily tear. Then cover the same section in more glue. The glue needs to be under the paper and over.

Keep repeating the process until the jar is covered.

As soon as you have finished covering the jar and the glue is still wet sprinkle on the glitter. You can use as much or as little as you want, but remember you can always add more but you won’t be able to take it off!

Leave them somewhere to dry and then add the brown string around the top and tie a bow.

Top Tip – make sure your jars have a big enough opening for the tea light before you make the lantern. I found out the hard way with this one and have never been able to put a candle in!


Pop your tea light in, light and enjoy the pretty glow of your lantern.


The kids and I made these last year along with some cheap plastic baubles using the same method, but for the baubles you need to use the cut up pieces of paper.



It really really is that simple and you probably have most of the things you need for this already. Maybe you could try it with the kids once they break up from school?

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Looking forward to hearing from you.

See you all again soon ❤️

Kate Makes

DIY Noel Display

Hello beautifuls! How is your Christmas planning and organising going? Who has all their decorations up and who hasn’t started yet?

For someone who started Christmas projects back in September I dont feel very organised at all!  Admittedly most of what I’ve been doing has been for craft fares.  Speaking of which, I’ve only gone and signed up to do another one 6 days before Christmas! Mad huh? Most of the house decorations are up, but the trouble is there are so many creative projects to try and I don’t know how or when to stop! Which leads me onto today’s make!

The original idea for this came from Pinterest I made mine using what I already had, with some help from the trusty woods that I love so much!

The cardboard ‘N’ was already in my possession from another project but they are inexpensive and can be easily bought from most craft stores.

I wanted to try and make the ‘o’ like a miniature wreath, so on one of my ‘wood walks’ with Saffie I started to have a look around for what was needed. I tried a few thin branches but they were too dry and kept snapping. Then I found the perfect branch that was still supple, had lots of bend in it and was quite long.

I made an ‘o’ with the branch and kept going round and twisting it around itself so that it kept its shape. As in all woods there is copious amounts of holly and ivy (I couldn’t stop singing the hymn for the entire walk!) so I picked a couple of small amounts of ivy and wound that around too and that was that.


I was toying in my mind how to make the ‘e’ and ‘l’ or where I could get them from.  My daughter suggested that we use the ones from our ‘love’ wooden letters in the kitchen. GENIUS – She’s a clever little cookie! So this was the original result, I thought to start with that I may change the ‘l’ to mix it up a bit, but with the extra lights that have been added I’m really, really liking it the way it is.




Hope you enjoyed this post and are getting into the festive mood. Let’s all try and remember that it doesn’t actually matter if we have the house looking ‘perfect’ and that it’s about so much more than that. Look after yourselves don’t just run around trying to be everything to everyone!

How are you all feeling about Christmas this year? Would be so great to hear from some of you ❤️

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Christmas Candles DIY

Hello all, or should I say Ho Ho Ho! It’s the 1st December and the real countdown to Christmas has begun! Unless you are one of those ridiculously organised people (we love you really, we’re just jealous) you still have lots to do.

We will be putting up the tree this weekend and I can’t wait! We are having a real one for the first time in years 🎄 and I’m going to try out some different decorating ideas too.

With all the focus on getting ready, buying presents and all that has become Christmas, I think it’s important to remember what Christmas is really about and for me that is remembering that God sent his son to the world to be our saviour. It’s also about spending time with loved ones and being grateful for what we have.

The tradition of present giving is so wonderful but its sad that it seems to have become out of control. Everyone runs around trying to get all the things they think each other wants and they are prepared to get into debt for.

Its one of the reasons I have become so fond of hand made gifts. There is something so special about receiving a gift that has been thought about and made for you. For me though it’s even more special to hand out the gifts that I have made, it just fills me with lots of joy.

Now I’m not saying that the only way you can experience joy in gift giving is to make the presents, that’s just what I love and not everyone can or wants to make presents. However you do it just try and take time out to remember what it’s really about and enjoy it!

Anyway onto the Christmas Candles DIY!

This is one of the simplest, cost effective and lovely diy gifts to do in my opinion.

You will need

Plain White candles

White tissue paper

printer paper





Firstly you need to decide what you want to put on your candles. I chose to print images from a blog that I found on Pinterest called Decorators Notebook, thank you to them for the beautiful images. If you want to use the same click here or you can find your own, the internet is loaded with this kind of stuff.

Then cut a piece of tissue paper about an inch wider than an A4 piece of paper all the way round. Fold the piece of tissue paper round the paper and tape in place.

Put your paper in the printer tissue facing down and print. Let the ink dry and gently take the tissue paper of the printer paper.


Cut out the image that you want to use.


Place the image on your candle centrally or wherever you want the image to be. Keep in place using a small piece of tape either side. Don’t use too much tape as it can become tacky and stick on your candle.


Now get your hairdryer and select the medium heat and keep going over the image until it starts to look like its sticking. Remove the tape and carry on going over if it looks like it needs to stick more, being careful not to melt the candle too much.

And that’s that, obviously you can adapt these for any occasion depending on the images you choose. You can also personalise them by printing what you want to say, I haven’t tried that yet but it’s definitely on my list of things to try.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and that some of you will give the candles a go. Did you find the instructions understandable and helpful?

Let me know what you think.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Take care ❤️




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Cinnamon Sugared Almonds

Hello! How’s things with you guys? My week was a bit of a struggle if I’m honest, I just wasn’t firing on all cylinders, you know what I mean? Which is why I didn’t get around to writing a post before now.

Anyhow I’ve been busy busy creating for the Christmas Fare that is tomorrow! The last thing on my list to make was these cinnamon sugared almonds or candied almonds, depending on where you come from.

I’ve been making these for about 3 or 4 years now. They are fantastic to give as gifts at Christmas but I thought I would make them for my stall and see how they go. The only down side being that almonds and nuts in general, have become very expensive. Anyway, that being said here’s what you need to make these delicious nuts.

Oh and apologies for the use of cups instead of grams or ounces, but I’ve found with so many recipes now that’s what they use so I thought, if you can’t beat them, join them!

1 1/2 cups Almonds (skin on)

1/2 cup sugar

3/4 tsp cinnamon

1/8 tsp salt

2 tbs water

Put all the ingredients, apart from the almonds, in a pan. I use my large frying pan (best not to use your decent one as the sugar really cakes onto it).

Heat on a medium heat until the ingredients melt.



Continue heating until it starts to boil. It smells heavenly and really gets you in a Christmassy mood!




Now put the almonds in.


Give it a good stir covering all the almonds. Keep stiring, this bit takes a little while. Eventually the syrup mixture gets thicker, you can feel the difference as your stirring. Once it starts to dry out, turn the heat off. The almonds will change from looking glossy to being dull in appearance as the sugar crystallises.


Spread out your almonds on a lined baking tray and put them in the oven at about 160 C for 10 mins. Take them out of the oven and allow to cool. Once cooled I put mine in a clip top jar (pre sterilised in the dishwasher) and they last for ages, well they would last for ages if we didn’t eat them so quickly – they are scrummy and also very addictive!!

There’s always some left over ‘cinnamony’ sugar which I like to put in a jar and use in my coffee mmm mmm!

Will you give them a go or do you have another recipe that you prefer? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Have a fab weekend. Much love ❤️