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Breakfast Room Make-Over

Hi friends

So as you know I love a bit of interiors and general creativity.  Last year a friend of mine asked if I would be interested in helping her to re-design her breakfast room.  It’s an old Edwardian house full of original features which is stunning.  Like so many of us she had come to a stage where she was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start.  Bringing someone in to help is always a good idea as they have a fresh pair of eyes and can look at it objectively especially as they don’t live there.

I had an initial chat with Karen to find out what she was wanting for the room.  It had lost definition and purpose under all the ‘stuff’ we collect whilst doing life.  It needed to be brought up to date whilst remaining a good useable space.  From a practical point of view it needed to be cleared and all the wires from the electronics on the side needed to be tidied up.  Karen arranged for someone to come in and do all that before the room was painted.  That in itself made a big difference.

Here are some before pictures.

I felt that some colour was needed but not overwhelming colour, with the era of the house it needed to be in keeping with the original style.  Some of the best things about the room were the features like the doors, fireplace and cupboards some of which were originals but some, although not original were very nice to work with.

A soft green was used for the walls which was from the Valspar range at B&Q called French Urn.  The wood cabinet and cupboards were painted in Authentico Sand which was purchased from who have a huge range of colours from different shades of whites, greys, blues, neutrals and vibrant shades also.  Karen got someone in to do the walls, but painted the wood cabinet and cupboard doors herself.  The top of the cabinet was sanded and waxed with original Authentico wax which brought it up beautifully and drew together the other components that where staying in their original state like the doors and table.

Here are the cupboards once they had been painted.

The chair was up-cycled by my friend which I think looks amazing and works so well with the look of the room.

As there was a lot of neutrals in the room I suggested bringing in a colour that would compliment and warm up the space. I did this by using the plum coloured blanket and check cushions and also put a darker plum runner on the table which drew it all in together.  I wanted the room to feel fresh but at the same time making it a cosy space to relax in.

The fireplace was the main feature and before I started the make-over was very lost behind “stuff” so all that was needed there, was a good clearing and after the painting had been done some new bits for dressing and showing it off.  My friend bought the basket and already had the cole bucket and utensils.  We shopped for the wooden letters and other bits together.  It really doesn’t have to cost the earth to update your home these days just make sure you have a good shop around.  Obviously there are some things that are worth spending more on.

The clock for instance wasn’t cheap although not overly expensive either, but needed to be a decent one as it was such a focal point of the room.  This one was from

The other piece I really love is the pendant lamp over the table.  Again it ties in the old with the new rather beautifully and the piece de resistance is the beautiful old Eddison light bulb.

The expense was kept down because the curtains, sofa and table were all kept and worked with.  The sofa and curtains were neutral and the table plain pine so very easy to work around. Changing the position of furniture can have a huge impact on a room also, even the smallest of changes which is another thing we did with the table and the sofa.

Karen is really happy with her new look breakfast room and I’m pleased with the way it all came together.  It’s so satisfying when your finished to see the difference.  Here are some more photos to show you the end result.

I hope this has inspired you to have a go.  If you or anyone you know would be interested in using my services please get in touch.  You can either comment here or contact me via my Facebook page which you can go to directly by clicking on the Facebook icon at the bottom of the blog.

Wishing you a very happy weekend

Take care

Much love

Kate x

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