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Hi lovelies!

How are things in your world?

Well life in Kates shoes has been very up and down, exhaustingly so.  Not really from an outward perspective but from inwards.  I have been busy but in a good way.  In my last blog I talked about signing up to do the life coaching course, which was 3 weeks ago.  I finally signed up last Friday.  Why has it taken me so long?  I will explain.

As I have come to know myself more and understand the way I tick better, I have noticed I seem to follow a pattern.  Firstly excitement at the thought of something new that I believe I can or want to do, then the settling down and looking at it more logically and then finally the ‘I can’t do this, what was I thinking of, who do I think I am?’ So that has been the process of the last 3 weeks.  Fortunately for me I am surrounded by people who love and believe in me and remind me of who I am.  A woman who can.

Have I suddenly decided there will be no hardships or challenges if I do this?  No, but I have decided that I am going to give this my best shot and see where it takes me.  Choosing the ‘easy’ option and not going for it may seem easier now but in the long run it will slowly suck the life and soul out of who I am meant to be and I will forever be asking myself “what if?”.  Now, what are your “what if’s” and how are you going to start moving towards them?  If I can, you can, and if you have already started something you never thought you would do please let me know.  This is a place to encourage one another.

The materials for the course turned up this week and it felt quite overwhelming as there was a lot more than I though there would be or at least seeing it all in front of me made it so real.  A course that has the potential to give you a new career and further you as a person is bound to have a fair amount of study material.

I am going to have to get really organised and plan my time well, I think it will be a real challenge but also very worth while.  If you have any good tips on organising your time please let me know.  The course I decided to enrol on is very good and lists what should be done when, in conjunction with what, it’s just me working out when that works around all my other roles in life.  All those different hats!

As mentioned in previous posts I’m trying to heal my body by changing the way I eat (and also trying to bring Mr H and the kids along for the ride!)  It’s actually quite overwhelming at times and tiring as your not just reaching for the usual, easy, known foods.  Another reason to be more organised.  So I’ve given up the sugar and also caffeine now.  I’m sure that sounds a bit miserable to some of you but I’m not finding it that difficult.  As Kezia from super naturally healthy says ‘don’t think of it as giving up stuff, but adding lots of good new things in” and I have to say that really helps me as I am discovering all sorts of things that I’m enjoying that are so much better for me.  The biggest thing of all is the freedom from counting calories or pointing and no more weighing!

So along with starting my course, trying to think of new meals and also listening to my body and get an idea of what is working for me and what isn’t so much – definitely a lifestyle not a quick fix, I have a fair bit going on in kates shoes!

I hope all is well with you.  looking forward to hearing from you.


Much love

Kate xx




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Moving Forward

Hello incredible people and Happy New Year to you all!

How are you feeling and did you enjoy Christmas?  That’s an honest question, not the sort where we all answer “Yes it was lovely. You?”

There’s a huge expectation on us all to have a wonderful Christmas.  That is not always the reality and it’s ok to say so.  This year for me was ok, but to be honest I’m glad it’s over.  I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy myself at all, we had some fab times, especially with the kids when they were with us.It was their Dads turn to have them and considering I have been doing this since they were 3 and 5, I found it incredibly difficult this year, it’s never quite the same without them.

I do have to quickly mention Saffie who was so sweet and made Christmas Day for us, she opened her presents and was hilarious, by the time she was done with hers she wanted to help us with ours! Really was like having a toddler around!


Anyway wether you had the best Christmas ever or the worst it’s all part of life and if it really wasn’t a good one for you it doesn’t have to be any indication of the year ahead, which brings me onto the following.

As you know I have been working at The White Company in the lead up to Christmas for a couple of months.  I did apply for one of the part-time permanent positions but I wan’t successful in getting it.  I have to be honest and say that I was completely gutted!  It wasn’t how I was hoping for the new year to start. Working there has been such an enjoyable and educational experience, the people, staff, customers and the products.  Earning some money was also a huge bonus!   The staff were so lovely and I was never made to feel any different to the permanent staff, as I think most of the seasonal staff would agree.  To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. I’m going to talk more about dealing with disappointment in the next post.

Anyway I am now feeling really positive about the new year and what’s in store.  I was thinking about my post this time last year Not all Singing and Dancing which you may find helpful if your not feeling it.  So much of how we move forward in our lives is our attitude.  I also had a look back on Time for Change and the list of things that I hoped to achieve last year.  Before I went back to look I had decided in my head that I had ‘failed’ as I didn’t think I’d done anything on there, it felt so good when I realised I had.

Here is a copy of the original list

* a photography course

* a writing course

* invest more in friendships

* step out into new ventures and not shy away for fear of failure

* help others to realise and achieve their goals in life

There are several things I have done to step out and not hold back because of fear such as doing my first vlog last year.  It was only one and I have been meaning to do more, but it does still make me feel very far out of my comfort zone, maybe this year should be the year of doing more vlogs – watch this space and remind/encourage me.  I took 2 creative evenings which I never thought I could do,  travelled to the Faroe Islands with others from church and saw God do amazing things, along with several other adventures.

I’d like to think I invested in my friends more but that is something I want to pursue this year also. As you can see from the list there were several other things i.e photography and writing courses which didn’t happen, but I’m not worrying about what I didn’t do but focusing on what I did do.

What did you do last year that you hadn’t done before?  It can be really hard to remember over a whole year, it can become a bit of a blur with the amount of things we have going on.  Let me encourage you to take some time, make a cuppa, sit down and think over the last year.  What did you do that made you feel proud? What did you do that you weren’t so crazy about? What change would you like to see this year?  They don’t have to be huge things, we have to start somewhere.  Maybe write a list of some thing or some change you want to see by this time next year and see what you can do to bring that about.  Obviously there are some things in life that we can’t change such as other people and their choices but we can always choose how we act and react.

It really did me good to look back and I hope it helps you too.

As I said no matter how your new year started it doesn’t need to define the rest of the year.  Focus on good things and possibilities for the year ahead.

I would really like to hear from you and how you’ve been including Christmas and new year and any plans you have for this year.

Sending you all much love

Kate x


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Coffee and Creativity

Hey guys what’s new?

What a packed, full on and lovely week I have had and it’s only Friday morning!

Monday morning I went to Whistable with my friend, her beautiful little girl and Saffie dog.  It was so lovely and we found a new place for the all important coffee (not actually new just refurbed and new to me).  It’s called Hotel Continental, the staff were super friendly and the setting was very relaxing, I recommend a trip if your ever in the area.  Oh and obviously one of the big pluses for me is that they allow dogs. I know that might put some of you off but its lovely and spacious so not really a problem.

Tuesday was brilliant as I finally got to go to the hospice for my induction.  I already had a feeling it was going to be a wonderful place to be part of but after the induction, even more so.  We had the director explain how hospices in this country first came about.  The lady that started it all was Dame Cicely Saunders, she had a real desire to help people at the end of their lives to be looked after to the best of our ability and above and beyond.  That is very much the ethos at The Heart of Kent.

My official start date is this coming Tuesday.  I will be working in the Magnolia Centre which is where day patients come to spend time meeting up with each other, have a change of scenery and get involved with arts and crafts if they want or are able.   I will be working with a team providing crafts and interacting with the patients.  I would never have thought this would be something I could or want to do, but I really am excited.  Even though it’s a hospice it feels so light and full of hope.

After such a great start to the week I then had my lovely Mama come to stay for a couple of nights.  We shopped, we drank coffee, lots of, we chatted, we shopped and so on and so on.  On Wednesday evening I hosted my second craft evening at Creative Hub which was Christmas themed.  I blogged about the first one which you can read here.  I’m really happy to say it went just as well as the first one.  I still had the same doubts about whether or not people would be interested in what I was sharing, but they really were and I loved it.  We did decoupage baubles, clay tags and hand sewn Christmas cards.  I did a Decoupage Lantern and Baubles Tutorial last year.  I haven’t produced a tutorial for the clay tags as yet but after Wednesday evening I’m glad as I have loads more ideas now.  Like I said in my first creative hub blog the best thing about putting lots of people in the same room with the same materials means you will get all sorts of differentiating ideas and results which is so interesting and what it’s all about.  Here is a snippet of some of the creations.

img_0935  img_0936

img_0931  img_0938


Tonight I am hosting an outdoor movie night.  I know, I must be mad right and actually more to the point the people that have agreed to come must be even more so.  It’s a mums and daughters event and everyone is bringing a camping chair and blankets and a mug.  Myself and my friend, who is kindly helping me are providing fresh popcorn, we even have those cool little red and white stripe popcorn boxes.  Small things make me happy.  We are also doing hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.  The chimnea is going to be lit in some kind of attempt to provide some heat.  I will take some pictures and share on Facebook and Instagram.  The film we have chosen is ‘Mama Mia’ which I think is the perfect choice – it’s going to be a fab evening as long as no one ends up with frost bite.

What are your plans for the evening and the rest of the weekend?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Take care

Much love

Kate x



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Photo Shoot At The Beach And Other Stuff

Hope you are all well and have had a great week so far.

This week I’ve had a few things going on pushing things in the right direction.  I hope you all enjoyed last weeks blog about Sass Harding Photography, which if you missed you can read here.  If you follow me on facebook or instagram you will know that Sass and myself, along with Saffie dog, took a trip to Whitstable for a photo shoot on Wednesday.  We had such a lot of fun and were so blessed with the weather.  The sun was out, the wind was blowing but although there was a bit of a nip in the air it was beautiful.  In my mind that is perfect weather, especially for a walk along the beach.  I will be sharing some of the photos with you once they have been edited.  I’ve had a sneak preview and I’m really pleased with the way they have come out.  I would highly recommend Sass if you are looking for a photographer for any occasion.

I did somehow manage to lose my phone along the way and had no idea where it could be as we had walked quite a way.  I couldn’t believe it but I did feel really peaceful.  As you can imagine, my first port of call was to pray.  I just simply asked that I would be able to find it.  After looking in a couple of places that I thought it could have been we decided to head back.  When I got home, I looked on my ipad at the amazing app called ‘find my iphone’ which, if you have ever used you will also know how marvelous it is.  For those of you who haven’t experienced the genius of this app I shall explain.  The first thing you can do is reset the phone from your ipad to show a message on the front screen saying the phone has been lost and a number so that whoever finds the phone can call to let you know they have found it.  It also locks the phone so that no on can see your personal information.  I mean how cool is that?  Even cooler though is that it shows you a map and the exact location of where your phone is.  Long and short of it, myself and Madie drove back to Whitstable to the part of the beach the app was showing and low and behold, there it was!  Now that is what I call an answered prayer.  God does use technology to answer our prayers.

Also this week I had a meeting with another friend who has recently started her own business.  I will be doing a blog on her and her new venture in the not too distant future, so more inspiration to follow.

I heard from the hospice who have said they now have all the information they need for me to be able to start there soon.  It’s taken quite a long time to come together but we are nearly there.  I’m expecting to hear from them in the early part of next week to confirm an induction date.  I really can’t wait to start now.

Lastly, the kids group at church that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago started this week.  We had about 30 children between the ages of 5 and 11.  As you can imagine it was pretty full on, especially after they had all been in school all day and had tons of energy.  It was as they say a ‘baptism of fire’!  The upshot of it though was that the kids had a great time and learned more encouraging and good things about God.  I felt a little out of my depth but I guess that’s what happens when you step out.  The parents said the kids had a great time and myself and the lady that is heading up the group had a good debrief and have some new ideas on ways to make it even better.  It’s exciting to be a part of something so very different to what i would  normally do.

That’s what’s been happening in Kates shoes so tell me, what have you been doing?

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend whatever your plans.  I’m off to a spa tomorrow to celebrate my lovely Mums birthday with my 3 sisters – lovely.

Take care and God bless

Kate x


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Exciting Things Ahead

Hello lovely people.

Just a quick post today to give you a bit of an insight into what is happening inkatesshoes.

There’s lots that has changed and lots that is about to change for me. I’ve been feeling so stuck in my usual day to day life that I have decided to really step up and out of my comfort zone.

Firstly I am now doing reception at our church in Eastgate every Friday which I am loving. The atmosphere is brilliant and I love all the interaction.

Secondly I have had an interview at a local hospice for a volunteer position.  I have been offered the position and I’m just waiting for the references to come back.  I will be working with the day patients in a creative capacity.  Basically facilitating crafts for those who would like to take part at any level.  The idea is to bring colour, positivity and joy to the patients.  How exciting is that?  It’s only a Tuesday but it is every week.

I am also helping to host a new kids programme at the church after school on a Tuesday.  Tuesdays are obviously going to be one of my busiest days now.  It is just for 6 weeks to start and if it’s successful we will do more in the future.

Lastly I’ve been asked if I would like to contribute some art to an art exhibition that is being held at Eastgate.  When they first asked I thought “why are they asking me?” but once I had some time to think about it I felt pretty excited.  I always fancy doing painting but never seem to put the time aside for it.  Now that I have committed to it I will have to make the time.  The theme is the beach, couldn’t be more perfect for me.  We have been asked to do 3 small ish sized canvasses but it doesn’t have to be just paint, we can use any kind of mediums we want. I’m thinking I might use some of the driftwood that I have been collecting (hence the picture).

So that’s a bit about what I am and will be up to.  I will be sharing about all of it as it unfolds.

What do you have planned? What would you like to do?

Have a wonderful weekend.

Much love

Kate x


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Rollercoaster of a summer – quite literally at times

Welcome back friends. How was your summer?  If any of you are like me you will be split between the disappointment of the kids being back at school and life going back to ‘normal’ and being desperate for some normality!

As ever the summer came and went far too quickly but we did make some great memories.

The holidays started with the kids going off with their Dad for 2 1/2 weeks!  That my friends, was just too long for me.  As most of you know I’ve been used to them going off with their Dad for longish periods of time since they were really little, but the longest I’ve done is 2 weeks and that’s plenty.  The last few days were really pants.

The upside to it though was that Mr H and I got so much done to the house.  We managed to cross off about half of the ‘to do’ list (and it was a huge list).  Feeling much more organised now.  Another bonus was having them home for a few days and then all jetting off for our holiday to Vegas!

Vegas – what can I say?  Hot, mad, loud, colourful, exciting, relaxing and exhausting!

We stayed in a lovely hotel called the Vdara which I would highly recommend.  One of the things we loved about it was that there was no casino there, but it was only a short walk to the strip and all the buzz and energy so we had the best of both worlds.  The  pool was stunning and the staff were brilliant.

IMG_0597  IMG_0600

Some of the highlights of the trip were

. Doing the zip wire on Freemont Street (although not the most savoury place to be with kids at that time of day)!  We launched from much further back than you can see and went under all the lit up canopy.  It was amazing.


. Going to Cowabunga water park (no photos as phones were in lockers)

. Meeting up with good friends and having Tepinyaki for the first time (all your food is cooked in front of you on the hot plate.  Such good fun)


. Riding the New York New York roller coaster at night (I screamed, a lot) I wish I had photographic evidence of this but unfortunately not!

When I say the roller coaster was one of the highlights, what I actually mean is that my daughter made me go on it even though I really didn’t want to. I was so pleased that I had done it afterwards though.

The best part about the whole holiday for me though was us being together.  No distractions from anything, just time spent together making memories.  Priceless.

Getting back into ‘normal’ life has been really hard.  Jet lag was horrible and made me feel ever so low.  What have your experiences of jet lag been like? I’m very pleased to say that it has now passed.

How were the holidays for you?  What lovely places have you been to and what have you been doing?

I’m feeling quite excited about what’s next, it’s the start of a new academic year which I find is a good time to reflect on where you are and what your doing.  Kids have started afresh so it’s the perfect time for me to do the same.  I have a couple of new things on the horizon that once I’m in the flow will be blogging about.

Whats new with you?  Starting a new job, going back to college, plans to do life differently?

I really would love to hear all about your journeys, adventures and plans for the future.  If you feel like your not very inspired by life or the future at the moment come and be inspired here and see what others are up to.  I get so much of my inspiration from other people and sometimes life is simply about getting on with the season that we are in, it doesn’t mean that other peoples lives are more exciting or that ours is boring.

I always find being happy and excited for other people puts me in a better frame of mind which I’m not saying I always manage.  A couple of weeks ago I could hardly see beyond the end of each day!

So, friends can I ask that if you have found this post interesting and or helpful in any way, that you would leave a comment.  By sharing our own experiences and highs and lows we can be such an encouragement to others.  It’s also great to hear about what other people are up to outside of our usual circles.

Cant wait to hear your comments and input.

Have a wonderful weekend

Much love


Kate x





Schools Out For Summer

OK who sang the title?  Schoooooooools out… for…summer!!!! Ha ha! I can’t just say that, it has to be sung.  Incase some of you don’t know what I’m talking about, it was a song performed by a Alice Cooper back in 1972.  If you still don’t know, you are far too young!  Google it – strange guy.

I hope you’ve all been enjoying this amazing weather.  Summer finally came.  It has actually been a bit too hot for me.  I know, I know we have been waiting for it for ages, stop complaining, but I can’t function properly in these temperatures, hoping and praying that the weather stays lovely for the summer holidays though.  It’s so different if your on holiday, lying by the pool with a cocktail in hand!

I would really love to know what some of you guys have planned for the holidays.  Where are you going on holiday?  What kind of days out do you have planned?  Are you just taking the time to regroup and chill without having to do the school run?  No school run is just the best isn’t it?  Even though both of mine make their own way to school now, we still have to be up and organised and I love not having that pressure.

Mine went off to their Dads last night for 2 weeks.  I’m guessing some of you will think “wow! How cool would that be to get a couple of weeks to yourself!”  Truth be told there really is something to be said for that and I have learned to make the absolute most of the time, it has become a real blessing.  I also imagine that some of you would be filled with dread at the thought of not having your children for 2 whole weeks. When I was first faced with that reality it nearly floored me.  When you live your whole life around your family and then suddenly for periods of time you have no family to look after, it’s devastating, you have to learn to restructure your life for those times.  Like I said it has now become a real blessing as it gives Mr H and I time to do what we need/want to do.  We never had a time in our relationship without children.  That is not to say I don’t miss them when they are gone though.

The plan is to finish off the utility room and some other much needed jobs around the house.  Boring?  I’m actually really excited.  Is that sad?  I think the fact that we are going to Vegas in 3 weeks helps.

I’ve decided that over the holidays I’m going to take a break from the blog.  If you have read ‘in kates shoes’ from the start you’ll know that last year I didn’t write through the summer, I was just too busy enjoying it with my family.  So I have decided that instead of feeling like I should be writing I’m going to say I’m not and if anything really grabs me and I feel I want to share in that time, I will.

I will be sharing on Facebook and instagram so feel free to follow me on those.

Wishing you all an incredibly happy, blessed, peaceful and adventurous summer.

Much love to you all






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Utility Room

Hi hope you are all good.

I didn’t post anything last week, not because I didn’t want to or hadn’t worked on anything, but what I was writing about just wouldn’t seem to come together for me and I felt it was too important to post without feeling 100% satisfied.  It’s in my draughts and when I have completed it properly I will share with you.

I’m very excited to be able to say that I finally got round to sorting out the utility room!

Now as you can see its not completely finished but I have repainted the walls, replaced the carpet and got rid of all the junk in there.  Now the fun stuff can start.  I’ve been looking through pinterest for some inspiration.  I want some shelves that I can have some pretty stuff on to soften the room and also some shelves for the practical bits and pieces.  I’m trying to decide if I want cupboards to hide all those bits or if that will make the room too small.  Ideas?

I’m also considering some kind of wall mounted air dryer but again I don’t want to enclose the room, it is only a little space.  The window is going to be made private by trying a technique I got from pinterest – I do love me a bit of pinterest don’t you?  You get some material that you measure and cut to the size of the window and then make up a solution of cornflour and water and basically glue it to the window.  I think it has the potential to look amazing, but also to go horribly wrong but I’m going to give it a go.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

It probably sounds silly to some but the satisfaction I have felt from doing this has been unbelievable. After all it is only a very small, functional part of the house and the door is nearly always shut (although since it’s been done I have left the door open a lot more). Part of the reason for feeling so satisfied is because I’ve wanted this doing since the house was remodelled 5 years ago and I finally got round to doing it myself, with a little help from Mr H, but only a little!  Also as I’m always saying tidy house, tidy mind.  It really works like that for me.  Anyone else feel the same?

I have also moved the laundry basket to the utility now, which means the family puts their washing in there instead of in a massive pile in front of the machine making it nigh on impossible to get to the machine itself!  It can’t just be me that gets so much satisfaction  from such seemingly small things.

So all in all I have sorted my craft room, the utility room and the under stairs cupboard, three weeks ago I was overwhelmed by the thought of all of it as you can read in my post Rainbows which I hope you find an encouragement if you have been overwhelmed yourself.

I also want to give you an update on our situation with regards to a holiday, also mentioned in the rainbows post.  We have been looking at all kinds of holidays and going round and round in circles really.  Nothing we saw really inspired us or the children.  The money that suddenly became ‘available’ to us was a nice amount but still left us a little short for what we were hoping for – despite not really knowing what we wanted to do!

After a week or so of looking Mr H mentioned that he has quite a few air miles and that maybe we could use those to get us to the states.  I wasn’t overly enthralled by the idea for different reasons, but we kept coming back to it.  Long story short we have booked to go to Las Vegas!  The air miles meant that all four of us can fly (including a premium return flight) for just a tad over £200 each – crazy!  I’m sure Las Vegas isn’t highest on the list for family holidays but after looking into it, it’s the perfect place for us as a family.  Mr H gets to play golf, there is a beautiful pool at the hotel we are staying at, a couple of water parks not far away and then there’s Vegas itself with all the buzz and entertainment that you can enjoy for free.  I feel so blessed at the moment it almost doesn’t feel real, but it is and we are going to enjoy every bit of it.   This is the first time in 7 Years that I have been able to take the children abroad so it’s a big deal.

It would be great to hear from some of you about holidays that you have planned or trips that you dream of taking. Dreaming is the best place to start with any aspirations you have for your life.  Life is for living let’s get out there and live it!

If you enjoy following ‘inkatesshoes’ you can also follow me on my facebook page In Kates Shoes or on instagram at inkatesshoes1 it would be great to interact with some of you there.

Have a blessed and peaceful weekend.


With love










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Hello lovelies welcome to the weekend – yay!

Its always lovely to get to the weekend, but some weeks it’s so needed.  My week has been an interesting one and honestly, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday felt like a real slog.  There were a couple things that were getting me down and because I was on a low eb anyway, got to me even more.

If your new to the blog I have dealt with depression for a long time and have always been very open about it to try and help others.  If you would like to read my post on depression you can find it here

So, this was a bit of a ‘blip’ exacerbated by the things that were bothering me.  The first one being overwhelmed by the house and the amount of things that need doing.  The second was that we had promised the kids a holiday this year as we haven’t taken them abroad for a very long time, in fact I’m not even sure if Mr H and I ever have and realising that we just didn’t have the money to do it.

As with a lot of peoples pressures both of these were money related, something I’m quite sure most of you can understand.  When you are at home most of the time doing housework, cooking cleaning etc it’s hard to switch of from all those little (and not so little) jobs that need doing and it becomes very frustrating when you don’t have the money to do anything about it.  Thursday morning I started to feel more ‘on top’ of things.  One of the most frustrating things about depression is that you are not in control of how you feel, sure you can help yourself to a point by avoiding certain circumstances or spending time with people who lift you, but that is sometimes easier said than done.

Anyway because I had more space in my head by Thursday morning I could look at things with a more positive outlook.  Mr H and I had written a list of all the jobs that needed doing in each part of the house, including the outside.  I sat down with a coffee and a pen and started ticking the jobs that could be done with little to no money which worked out at about 2/3 which made me feel better straight away.

One of the biggest jobs was to clear my craft room.  I have been putting this off for a long time as I found it very overwhelming, not surprising when you look at the before pic!  Do you ever get in one of those moods when you are still in your pj’s and decide to crack on and get dressed later?  It was much much later that I got dressed.  I rolled up my sleeves, so to speak, and went for ‘operation tidy craft room’.  It was so therapeutic, I was chucking out all sorts of things like glass jars, ribbons that I have had for years and patterned papers that I didn’t even like.  I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to craft bits.  By the time I finished I was buzzing, it felt so good.

Before and after pictures.


Apologies for the dreadful picture quality but you get the idea.  There’s much more Id like to do to make it more cosy, but I am currently sitting in the new tidy space writing this and loving it!  I have also done a fair few of the little jobs that I can and Mr H and myself are going to have a massive DIY weekend.

Now onto the second thing that was really bothering me, the lack of money to take the kids away.  If you know me or have been following for a while you will know that I am a christian and I very much believe in the power of prayer and that God is good and wants to give his kids good stuff.  I have been praying for at least 3 months for the finances to be able to go away as a family.  Like I said the first three days of the week were tough and by wednesday night I was really low, but by Thursday morning something had shifted.

While I was happily tidying, Mr H came up to speak to me about a telephone conversation he had just had.  Obviously I don’t want to divulge personal information, but through completely unforeseen circumstances we have ‘come into’ a bit of money, in fact just about enough money to take all 4 of us on a holiday this summer.  I have been so excited.  I know not everyone will believe that was God, but I am in no doubt what so ever that it was Him and I can’t thank Him enough!

The reason I chose the title rainbows is because they are Gods promise to us that He will never leave us, even when we don’t understand whats happening He is still faithful.  I took this picture a week or so ago and it was so apt for this week.  Needless to say I am in a much better frame of mind now than I was at the beginning of the week.  Now it’s time to decide where we want to go on holiday and book it.  Feel free to share some of your favourite holiday destinations.

I hope this has encouraged you in some way.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


Much love


Kate x




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Happy 1st Birthday

Hi everyone, yet another post in less than a week, what’s going on?  Well I had to post today as its a very special day for me at inkatesshoes.  Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday inkatesshoes, happy birthday to me!

As I said in my vlog last week, I can’t quite believe that its been a year already and I am so pleased that I have made it this far.  There have been several times when I have wanted to give up and people, including Mr H, have said “why are you putting yourself under so much pressure?” but for me it hasn’t felt like pressure so much, as wanting to do something well, to the best of my ability, to accomplish what I set out to do.  I have for the absolute majority loved it.

I’ve not naturally been someone who is particularly good at ‘sticking’ with things.  I get bored easily and want to move onto the next thing, hence why there are several ‘to be completed’ projects around the house.  It has taken me a long time to realise this out about myself, in fact its taken me a long time to work out a lot of things about myself, call me a late bloomer.  Does that resonate with you?  Stepping out of my comfort zone and pushing myself has been totally amazing.  If you have things in your heart that you would like to do, I so want to encourage you to go for it.

I just went back to the original post I did a year ago, which you can read here and two things struck me.

1.  My presentation has come a long way and I have learnt a lot about how to do certain things on a     blog, considering I didn’t ‘get’ blogs thats quite an achievement.

2.  I have managed to do what I wanted to do, which was to do this for myself and at the same time encourage you along the way.  So many people have said how reading the blog has helped them which has spurred me on no end.

As most of you know from reading my blog that I am a christian.  This whole thing came about because I felt God was nudging me to do something new.   I kept thinking about writing and that maybe a blog was the way forward, but because of my lack of knowledge and fear I kept pushing it aside.  I kept praying about it and asking God if it was Him to show me.  On one occasion I asked Him for confirmation that morning, not even 5 mins after I got a message from a friend.  He had overheard me mention about maybe doing a blog and said “I  would really like to help you get up and running up if you don’t already have someone”!  It was exactly what I needed.  Thank you so much Nik!

Now for those of you who don’t have faith in God that must all sound very strange and I can really understand that, but it is the most natural thing in the world for me to talk to Him and ask for guidance in everything I do, thats just what praying is.  Saying that, I don’t by any stretch of the imagination always get it right. I don’t have it all together, as you may have noticed from the blogs!  Whether you believe in God or not, I know from my personal experience that He is good and I have come so far because of Him.

So I am celebrating today, I am celebrating life, I am celebrating how far I have come, Im celebrating my achievement.  I think you all have things you need to celebrate today too, even if you don’t think so. Celebrate being alive, celebrate being a Mum, celebrate all the good things in your life, even if there is a lot of not so good stuff, find something to be joyful about and celebrate!

I’m off out this evening to take a creative evening with some lovely ladies to show them some crafts and talk about my journey so far, yet another first, can’t wait!  I’m taking some Bubbles so we can all celebrate where we are at in this crazy, exciting and sometimes scary thing called Life!

Really hope you have enjoyed this special post.  Please leave me a message and let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions.


Loads of love

Kate xx