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Breakfast Room Make-Over

Hi friends

So as you know I love a bit of interiors and general creativity.  Last year a friend of mine asked if I would be interested in helping her to re-design her breakfast room.  It’s an old Edwardian house full of original features which is stunning.  Like so many of us she had come to a stage where she was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start.  Bringing someone in to help is always a good idea as they have a fresh pair of eyes and can look at it objectively especially as they don’t live there.

I had an initial chat with Karen to find out what she was wanting for the room.  It had lost definition and purpose under all the ‘stuff’ we collect whilst doing life.  It needed to be brought up to date whilst remaining a good useable space.  From a practical point of view it needed to be cleared and all the wires from the electronics on the side needed to be tidied up.  Karen arranged for someone to come in and do all that before the room was painted.  That in itself made a big difference.

Here are some before pictures.

I felt that some colour was needed but not overwhelming colour, with the era of the house it needed to be in keeping with the original style.  Some of the best things about the room were the features like the doors, fireplace and cupboards some of which were originals but some, although not original were very nice to work with.

A soft green was used for the walls which was from the Valspar range at B&Q called French Urn.  The wood cabinet and cupboards were painted in Authentico Sand which was purchased from who have a huge range of colours from different shades of whites, greys, blues, neutrals and vibrant shades also.  Karen got someone in to do the walls, but painted the wood cabinet and cupboard doors herself.  The top of the cabinet was sanded and waxed with original Authentico wax which brought it up beautifully and drew together the other components that where staying in their original state like the doors and table.

Here are the cupboards once they had been painted.

The chair was up-cycled by my friend which I think looks amazing and works so well with the look of the room.

As there was a lot of neutrals in the room I suggested bringing in a colour that would compliment and warm up the space. I did this by using the plum coloured blanket and check cushions and also put a darker plum runner on the table which drew it all in together.  I wanted the room to feel fresh but at the same time making it a cosy space to relax in.

The fireplace was the main feature and before I started the make-over was very lost behind “stuff” so all that was needed there, was a good clearing and after the painting had been done some new bits for dressing and showing it off.  My friend bought the basket and already had the cole bucket and utensils.  We shopped for the wooden letters and other bits together.  It really doesn’t have to cost the earth to update your home these days just make sure you have a good shop around.  Obviously there are some things that are worth spending more on.

The clock for instance wasn’t cheap although not overly expensive either, but needed to be a decent one as it was such a focal point of the room.  This one was from

The other piece I really love is the pendant lamp over the table.  Again it ties in the old with the new rather beautifully and the piece de resistance is the beautiful old Eddison light bulb.

The expense was kept down because the curtains, sofa and table were all kept and worked with.  The sofa and curtains were neutral and the table plain pine so very easy to work around. Changing the position of furniture can have a huge impact on a room also, even the smallest of changes which is another thing we did with the table and the sofa.

Karen is really happy with her new look breakfast room and I’m pleased with the way it all came together.  It’s so satisfying when your finished to see the difference.  Here are some more photos to show you the end result.

I hope this has inspired you to have a go.  If you or anyone you know would be interested in using my services please get in touch.  You can either comment here or contact me via my Facebook page which you can go to directly by clicking on the Facebook icon at the bottom of the blog.

Wishing you a very happy weekend

Take care

Much love

Kate x

*all photography credit goes to






Dealing With Disappointment

Hey how’s things?  Are you getting back into the groove or does it all feel like an uphill struggle?

I sincerely hope it’s the former for you but if it’s the latter I’m praying for peace and the strength to move forward with new hope.

I mentioned in my post from earlier in the week about my disappointment in not securing one of the permanent positions at The White Company.  It had such a profound effect on me, much more than I would have imagined, but that’s not to say that the whole thing was a negative experience.

To start with it took much longer to find out about the job than I thought it would.  We were all expecting to hear on New Years Eve, but apparently they had such a hard time coming to final decisions because the calibre of seasonal staff had been so high and there were only a few jobs for a lot of people that wanted them.  Eventually we heard on the Tuesday and by which time I was feeling nervous anyway.  As soon as I heard the managers voice I could tell it wasn’t the news I had been hoping for.  My heart sank and I struggled to be able to keep the tears back.

At this point I must say that the manager was so lovely and kind and asked me to stay in touch and said they loved having me there.  Mr H and my daughter were both with me and my daughter was so sweet and kind putting her arms around me and rubbing my arm.  I was so upset though I had to be on my own.  When I got to my bedroom I broke my heart.  If your thinking this all sounds a bit over the top for a job, I get that, but for whatever reason that’s how it made me feel.  Working there made me feel really alive and useful (not that being a mum and all the other roles in my life don’t, but doing something different made me realise there is so much more I can do and be good at).

Now that I’ve explained what happened I want to talk to you about the process that I went through from that point on, which I believe is the most important part of the experience. While I was crying thoughts like you weren’t any good anyway,  no wonder they didn’t want you the other staff were much better than  you and all sorts of other negative rubbish.  In the smallest of whispers, in between being bombarded with the lies, I also heard positive thoughts like, I was good at the job, I did really well while I was there, they did like me and just because it didn’t work out doesn’t mean the sky is falling down.  It was a real struggle to believe any of the positive as my emotions felt raw and I was wounded.

The battle in my mind continued for a few days but as each day past it started to feel like I was winning.  I had to constantly reign in my thoughts and choose to believe the right ones. When we are struggling with something that really matters to us, whatever that may be, we have to be proactive to come out on top as it were.  If we allow whatever comes into our head to run riot, we lose focus and start to believe it.  That’s how I used to be, just believing anything negative that fell into my head or that someone had said to me.  We have a choice as to what we let in and what we don’t, to decide what we allow to grow in our minds.

Going ‘through’ this process is so important. Denying how we feel and trying to ignore the feelings may seem easier at the time but it has a habit of coming back to bite us, and tends to be more painful than if we had dealt with it at the time.  There are obviously varying degrees of disappointment/hurt and different people/situations take varying degrees of time and strength to deal with, but it’s a really healthy way to process.

So from the Tuesday when I got the news to the following week there was a massive shift in the way I was thinking.  Instead of looking at the down side to it,  I started thinking about what could be next.  As one of my friends said, if I enjoyed that so much, how much better will the next thing be?!  At the moment I have no idea what that/they could be but I am open.

I hope you have found this helpful.  If you have any questions or want to make a point please get in touch and remember to come back and have a look as I always answer your comments.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Much Love

Kate x

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Moving Forward

Hello incredible people and Happy New Year to you all!

How are you feeling and did you enjoy Christmas?  That’s an honest question, not the sort where we all answer “Yes it was lovely. You?”

There’s a huge expectation on us all to have a wonderful Christmas.  That is not always the reality and it’s ok to say so.  This year for me was ok, but to be honest I’m glad it’s over.  I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy myself at all, we had some fab times, especially with the kids when they were with us.It was their Dads turn to have them and considering I have been doing this since they were 3 and 5, I found it incredibly difficult this year, it’s never quite the same without them.

I do have to quickly mention Saffie who was so sweet and made Christmas Day for us, she opened her presents and was hilarious, by the time she was done with hers she wanted to help us with ours! Really was like having a toddler around!


Anyway wether you had the best Christmas ever or the worst it’s all part of life and if it really wasn’t a good one for you it doesn’t have to be any indication of the year ahead, which brings me onto the following.

As you know I have been working at The White Company in the lead up to Christmas for a couple of months.  I did apply for one of the part-time permanent positions but I wan’t successful in getting it.  I have to be honest and say that I was completely gutted!  It wasn’t how I was hoping for the new year to start. Working there has been such an enjoyable and educational experience, the people, staff, customers and the products.  Earning some money was also a huge bonus!   The staff were so lovely and I was never made to feel any different to the permanent staff, as I think most of the seasonal staff would agree.  To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. I’m going to talk more about dealing with disappointment in the next post.

Anyway I am now feeling really positive about the new year and what’s in store.  I was thinking about my post this time last year Not all Singing and Dancing which you may find helpful if your not feeling it.  So much of how we move forward in our lives is our attitude.  I also had a look back on Time for Change and the list of things that I hoped to achieve last year.  Before I went back to look I had decided in my head that I had ‘failed’ as I didn’t think I’d done anything on there, it felt so good when I realised I had.

Here is a copy of the original list

* a photography course

* a writing course

* invest more in friendships

* step out into new ventures and not shy away for fear of failure

* help others to realise and achieve their goals in life

There are several things I have done to step out and not hold back because of fear such as doing my first vlog last year.  It was only one and I have been meaning to do more, but it does still make me feel very far out of my comfort zone, maybe this year should be the year of doing more vlogs – watch this space and remind/encourage me.  I took 2 creative evenings which I never thought I could do,  travelled to the Faroe Islands with others from church and saw God do amazing things, along with several other adventures.

I’d like to think I invested in my friends more but that is something I want to pursue this year also. As you can see from the list there were several other things i.e photography and writing courses which didn’t happen, but I’m not worrying about what I didn’t do but focusing on what I did do.

What did you do last year that you hadn’t done before?  It can be really hard to remember over a whole year, it can become a bit of a blur with the amount of things we have going on.  Let me encourage you to take some time, make a cuppa, sit down and think over the last year.  What did you do that made you feel proud? What did you do that you weren’t so crazy about? What change would you like to see this year?  They don’t have to be huge things, we have to start somewhere.  Maybe write a list of some thing or some change you want to see by this time next year and see what you can do to bring that about.  Obviously there are some things in life that we can’t change such as other people and their choices but we can always choose how we act and react.

It really did me good to look back and I hope it helps you too.

As I said no matter how your new year started it doesn’t need to define the rest of the year.  Focus on good things and possibilities for the year ahead.

I would really like to hear from you and how you’ve been including Christmas and new year and any plans you have for this year.

Sending you all much love

Kate x



Knowing Who You Really Are

Hey how are you?

I didn’t get round to posting last week as I was away with a wonderful friend, at her equally wonderful parents house in the Brecon Beacons.  I was made to feel so so welcome and the views were simply stunning.  I had such a lovely time.

As you can see the title is ‘knowing who you really are’ and is something I’m quite passionate about as it’s made such a difference to me.

For most of my life I looked for affirmation from other people.  If I was told I had done a good job at work, that I was pretty or I was funny etc I felt good about myself.  When I was told negative things like I was stupid, a drama queen or anything else negative I would feel bad about myself.  It’s so much easier to believe negativity when you don’t understand how to focus on the positive and I started to really not like myself, in fact it would be more accurate to say I hated myself.

When you don’t know your own value it’s hard to believe that you have any value to others, which can then lead to destructive behaviour, I know because I have been there and it becomes a vicious circle.  Now I know my experience may sound very intense but it’s the same principle whatever level your experience is or has been.

The first part of the journey is to start believing your worth just as you are.  You are the only one of you and you are that way for a reason.  You can do things that no one else can do.  It’s easy to dismiss that truth, thinking ‘anyone can do that, it’s not a big deal’, but when you are operating out of who you truly are, it really is the easiest thing in the world.  Like I’ve said before I had no belief whatsoever that I was creative, I honestly couldn’t see it because it came so naturally I thought everyone could do it, which made me think it was nothing special.  It’s easier for others to see how good you are at certain things as most of us struggle with self doubt and self belief.

Something that has made a dramatic difference for me is the people I surround myself with.  I used to allow all sorts of people into my life without thinking about if they were helpful or not.  Since being aware of what a difference that makes, I am much more careful about who I ‘let in’.  Positive and encouraging people create an environment that makes a safe place to grow in who you are and be able to make mistakes without fear.   It also works the other way and helps us to encourage others and be more gracious.  There will always be those around you who are negative but you can choose who and what to listen to, it’s not easy but with practice it gets a lot easier and the benefits to you as a person are so freeing.

Even seemingly small things such as when I had a haircut and felt good, if it wasn’t noticed and mentioned I would feel really hurt.  Firstly, everyone is going through their own ‘stuff’ and so won’t always notice things even when it seems obvious to us and secondly some may notice and choose not to say anything for whatever reason.  The point is we need to be secure enough in ourselves that we don’t need the approval of others to be happy.  It is of course lovely to be complimented and encouraged but we need to be content enough in ourselves that it doesn’t make or break how we feel.

When I look back to my first marriage I can see that I was looking to my husband to make me happy. No one can make us happy unless we are first happy with ourselves.  It isn’t anyone else’s responsibility or job.  Relationships are hard enough when we go into them knowing who we are and not expecting the other person to complete us as it were.

When we take hold of our worth and value (and others), life becomes much easier and enjoyable.  Constantly fighting for a place at the table or trying to prove yourself is incredibly exhausting and draining.

We all have a story of why we are the way we are but we also all have a choice in the way we deal with it. How we choose to cope with our hurts and fears is completely up to us, we can’t be helped unless we are willing to first make the choice to help ourselves . It took me a long time to realise this for myself but I am now happier, freer and more content than ever.

There has been a very powerful advertisement on the television lately about children that have been abused both mentally and physically and the captions to each child as they are dancing, playing the drums etc is that they are not the abuse that they have been subjected too.  They will obviously have been affected and need help but the point is that they are not prepared to become the victim, but to choose life over the hideous abuse they have experienced.

Make a decision today to start being kind to yourself and see the difference it makes.

Let me know your thoughts.

Take care

Sending you lots of love

Kate x


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Coffee and Creativity

Hey guys what’s new?

What a packed, full on and lovely week I have had and it’s only Friday morning!

Monday morning I went to Whistable with my friend, her beautiful little girl and Saffie dog.  It was so lovely and we found a new place for the all important coffee (not actually new just refurbed and new to me).  It’s called Hotel Continental, the staff were super friendly and the setting was very relaxing, I recommend a trip if your ever in the area.  Oh and obviously one of the big pluses for me is that they allow dogs. I know that might put some of you off but its lovely and spacious so not really a problem.

Tuesday was brilliant as I finally got to go to the hospice for my induction.  I already had a feeling it was going to be a wonderful place to be part of but after the induction, even more so.  We had the director explain how hospices in this country first came about.  The lady that started it all was Dame Cicely Saunders, she had a real desire to help people at the end of their lives to be looked after to the best of our ability and above and beyond.  That is very much the ethos at The Heart of Kent.

My official start date is this coming Tuesday.  I will be working in the Magnolia Centre which is where day patients come to spend time meeting up with each other, have a change of scenery and get involved with arts and crafts if they want or are able.   I will be working with a team providing crafts and interacting with the patients.  I would never have thought this would be something I could or want to do, but I really am excited.  Even though it’s a hospice it feels so light and full of hope.

After such a great start to the week I then had my lovely Mama come to stay for a couple of nights.  We shopped, we drank coffee, lots of, we chatted, we shopped and so on and so on.  On Wednesday evening I hosted my second craft evening at Creative Hub which was Christmas themed.  I blogged about the first one which you can read here.  I’m really happy to say it went just as well as the first one.  I still had the same doubts about whether or not people would be interested in what I was sharing, but they really were and I loved it.  We did decoupage baubles, clay tags and hand sewn Christmas cards.  I did a Decoupage Lantern and Baubles Tutorial last year.  I haven’t produced a tutorial for the clay tags as yet but after Wednesday evening I’m glad as I have loads more ideas now.  Like I said in my first creative hub blog the best thing about putting lots of people in the same room with the same materials means you will get all sorts of differentiating ideas and results which is so interesting and what it’s all about.  Here is a snippet of some of the creations.

img_0935  img_0936

img_0931  img_0938


Tonight I am hosting an outdoor movie night.  I know, I must be mad right and actually more to the point the people that have agreed to come must be even more so.  It’s a mums and daughters event and everyone is bringing a camping chair and blankets and a mug.  Myself and my friend, who is kindly helping me are providing fresh popcorn, we even have those cool little red and white stripe popcorn boxes.  Small things make me happy.  We are also doing hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.  The chimnea is going to be lit in some kind of attempt to provide some heat.  I will take some pictures and share on Facebook and Instagram.  The film we have chosen is ‘Mama Mia’ which I think is the perfect choice – it’s going to be a fab evening as long as no one ends up with frost bite.

What are your plans for the evening and the rest of the weekend?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Take care

Much love

Kate x



Kate Makes

Driftwood Sailboat

Happy Friday to you all.

I haven’t done a craft post for a fair while so that is the order for today.

As you know I love the beach and sea and all things beachy.   Whites, greys, shades of blue, stripes, driftwood, shells, sea glass and the list goes on.  As you can see from the picture and title I’m showing you how to make a driftwood sail boat.  I have always loved the look of these and wanted to try them and I’ve finally got round to it.

To start here is a list of all the supplies you will need to make my version

  1. Hot glue gun or craft glue
  2. Material. I think cotton is best in whichever colour you prefer
  3. Thin white twine/string
  4. Small screwdriver or similar, maybe a metal skewer
  5. Large Philips head screwdriver
  6. Driftwood for the hull and for the mast


The first step is to make a hole in the hull part of the driftwood that the mast piece will fit into.  I did this by starting the hole with the small screwdriver.  Then I used the Philips screwdriver to make the hole deeper and wider (I’m sure there are better tools to do this but it’s what I had and it worked really well).


Next the sails need to be measured.  I did this by laying the boat flat and just putting the material up against it and cutting it out by eye, I rarely use specific measurements, which works a lot of the time but I do have the occasional disaster.  If you are more of a measuring kind of person go with it.


Once you have done that you need to put some glue into the hole and attach the mast.  I used the hot glue gun which I find hold things better, but you can use craft glue although I would recommend buying a glue gun if you can they are widely available  for as little as £5 and they really are worth the money.  I got mine from Wilkinsons.


To attach the sails to the mast you will need the white string and the small screwdriver.  Push the screwdriver or skewer, whatever you are using, through the back of the sail at the top corner, not too close to the edge to avoid it fraying.  Once you have made the hole push the string through the back.  It took me several attempts to do this but if you find it very difficult just make the hole a tad bigger.

img_0881   img_0884

Then you need to make a knot in the string, pull through but not all the way, put a blob of glue where the knot will sit and pull the string until the knot sits on the glue.


Do the same for the bottom part of the sail.  Now it’s time to attach the sail to the mast.  Hold the sail up against the mast and the take the string around the back of the mast, wrap round a couple of times and before you pull it too tight thread the end of the string through the last loop, pull quite tight but allowing room for the sail to sit nicely against the mast.  If it’s too tight the sail wont sit well.  Trim off the excess.

img_0887  img_0888

Obviously you will need to do the same for the bottom of the sail and repeat the process for the other side. For the flag, again I didn’t measure I just folded some material and cut out a rough triangle shape.  The first one I cut wasn’t big enough as I didn’t allow extra for the fact that it was being wrapped around the mast.  If you don’t like the shape just trim it until you find the shape that looks right for you.  Put some glue on the side of the mast where the flag will sit and then wrap the flag around, then pop some glue between the two sides of the flag and press together.  Don’t use too much like I did as it all oozed out of the side.


I’m really pleased with the way it turned out.  Like I said at the beginning, this is my version.  There are so many ways to make these and if you look on Pinterest there are some brilliant versions, but I like simplicity, especially when I first try something, it might evolve if I decide to make more.  One of the best things about any kind of art or craft is that it’s open to interpretation.  I might try another one but on a bigger scale, we shall see.

I hope you feel inspired to give this craft a go.  Please let me know how you get on if you do or if you have enjoyed this post.

Wishing you all an amazing weekend.

Take care

Much love

Kate x



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Photo Shoot At The Beach And Other Stuff

Hope you are all well and have had a great week so far.

This week I’ve had a few things going on pushing things in the right direction.  I hope you all enjoyed last weeks blog about Sass Harding Photography, which if you missed you can read here.  If you follow me on facebook or instagram you will know that Sass and myself, along with Saffie dog, took a trip to Whitstable for a photo shoot on Wednesday.  We had such a lot of fun and were so blessed with the weather.  The sun was out, the wind was blowing but although there was a bit of a nip in the air it was beautiful.  In my mind that is perfect weather, especially for a walk along the beach.  I will be sharing some of the photos with you once they have been edited.  I’ve had a sneak preview and I’m really pleased with the way they have come out.  I would highly recommend Sass if you are looking for a photographer for any occasion.

I did somehow manage to lose my phone along the way and had no idea where it could be as we had walked quite a way.  I couldn’t believe it but I did feel really peaceful.  As you can imagine, my first port of call was to pray.  I just simply asked that I would be able to find it.  After looking in a couple of places that I thought it could have been we decided to head back.  When I got home, I looked on my ipad at the amazing app called ‘find my iphone’ which, if you have ever used you will also know how marvelous it is.  For those of you who haven’t experienced the genius of this app I shall explain.  The first thing you can do is reset the phone from your ipad to show a message on the front screen saying the phone has been lost and a number so that whoever finds the phone can call to let you know they have found it.  It also locks the phone so that no on can see your personal information.  I mean how cool is that?  Even cooler though is that it shows you a map and the exact location of where your phone is.  Long and short of it, myself and Madie drove back to Whitstable to the part of the beach the app was showing and low and behold, there it was!  Now that is what I call an answered prayer.  God does use technology to answer our prayers.

Also this week I had a meeting with another friend who has recently started her own business.  I will be doing a blog on her and her new venture in the not too distant future, so more inspiration to follow.

I heard from the hospice who have said they now have all the information they need for me to be able to start there soon.  It’s taken quite a long time to come together but we are nearly there.  I’m expecting to hear from them in the early part of next week to confirm an induction date.  I really can’t wait to start now.

Lastly, the kids group at church that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago started this week.  We had about 30 children between the ages of 5 and 11.  As you can imagine it was pretty full on, especially after they had all been in school all day and had tons of energy.  It was as they say a ‘baptism of fire’!  The upshot of it though was that the kids had a great time and learned more encouraging and good things about God.  I felt a little out of my depth but I guess that’s what happens when you step out.  The parents said the kids had a great time and myself and the lady that is heading up the group had a good debrief and have some new ideas on ways to make it even better.  It’s exciting to be a part of something so very different to what i would  normally do.

That’s what’s been happening in Kates shoes so tell me, what have you been doing?

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend whatever your plans.  I’m off to a spa tomorrow to celebrate my lovely Mums birthday with my 3 sisters – lovely.

Take care and God bless

Kate x


Guest blog

Sass Harding Photography

This week I would like to introduce you to a very talented friend of mine and the journey she has been on to get where she is today.

Sass always had an interest in  photography, even when she was very young.  Her mum introduced it to her and she always remembers it being a big deal to be able to take pictures with the ‘good’ camera.  As a family they always took lots of pictures and videos to record their memories.  Sass recalls seeing a film about a photographer when she was about 11 years old and remembers wanting to be like her.

Arts and crafts were always a big part of life at home and so naturally she did art at school, which was her favourite subject.  The plan was to do an arts degree, but due to illness, missed a lot of school.  In spite of the amount of work that was missed Sass still managed to get an A so decided to do art A level in the 6th form.  Unfortunately she had another bout of illness and wasn’t enjoying the course so that came to an end.

About 6 years ago, a friend asked Sass what she would be doing if illness wasn’t a problem.  Without hesitation her answer was to be a photographer.  At around the same time she decided to do an open university course for digital photography.  It was an online course which she found quite helpful, but was more technically based than practical which Sass felt would have been more helpful to her at the time.

After the course Sass didn’t do a lot photography wise, other than for her own enjoyment.  In the summer of 2013 she started asking photographers that she knew or knew of for some advice on taking photos.  Once she had decided what kind of photos she was comfortable with she asked friends and family if she could do some shoots for free whilst she built up her confidence and own style.

It wasn’t long before Sass was being asked to do paid jobs.  Some of the things she has been asked to do include the following

  • gift vouchers
  • families
  • local bands
  • newborns
  • childrens modelling portfolios
  • maternity
  • birthday parties
  • children and siblings
  • cake business launch for Inspirata
  • engagements
  • weddings
  • cake smash (1st birthday)
  • blog photography for

Years before any of this happened Sass had met a photographer through mutual friends and they stayed in touch via social media as she lives in Canada.  Completely out of the blue this friend asked Sass if she would like to be her second at a wedding she was shooting over here.  Sass was very shocked and didn’t feel qualified, but the friend was very persuasive so she took a leap of faith and said yes.  It helped her so much to gain confidence and experience without the weight of the wedding photos totally on her which also prepared her for the wedding she had agreed to do for a family friend.

Ever since then Sass has had a constant, steady flow of work, she has never had to advertise, it all comes by word of mouth.  She’s also been able to take things at her own pace which has been helpful with health being a bit of an issue.

It has never been about making money for Sass, but about a personal passion and enjoyment of photography that also happens to make money.

Below is the link to her website.  Why not take a look at some of her beautiful work.  I totally love her style and am excited to say that there will be some new photos on my blog page soon, courtesy of Sass Harding Photography.  Cant wait.

I really want to emphasise that the point of this blog, as with all my blogs is to encourage and inspire you.  Obviously I am also promoting friends and their talents, but the true sense behind it all is for you to see that if it’s possible for them it is also possible for you.  We all have different talents and passions and the world is just waiting for you to shine.

I would like to hear about any passions that you have and maybe by sharing them here it will be your first step towards achieving them.

Have a wonderful weekend

With love

Kate x






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Exciting Things Ahead

Hello lovely people.

Just a quick post today to give you a bit of an insight into what is happening inkatesshoes.

There’s lots that has changed and lots that is about to change for me. I’ve been feeling so stuck in my usual day to day life that I have decided to really step up and out of my comfort zone.

Firstly I am now doing reception at our church in Eastgate every Friday which I am loving. The atmosphere is brilliant and I love all the interaction.

Secondly I have had an interview at a local hospice for a volunteer position.  I have been offered the position and I’m just waiting for the references to come back.  I will be working with the day patients in a creative capacity.  Basically facilitating crafts for those who would like to take part at any level.  The idea is to bring colour, positivity and joy to the patients.  How exciting is that?  It’s only a Tuesday but it is every week.

I am also helping to host a new kids programme at the church after school on a Tuesday.  Tuesdays are obviously going to be one of my busiest days now.  It is just for 6 weeks to start and if it’s successful we will do more in the future.

Lastly I’ve been asked if I would like to contribute some art to an art exhibition that is being held at Eastgate.  When they first asked I thought “why are they asking me?” but once I had some time to think about it I felt pretty excited.  I always fancy doing painting but never seem to put the time aside for it.  Now that I have committed to it I will have to make the time.  The theme is the beach, couldn’t be more perfect for me.  We have been asked to do 3 small ish sized canvasses but it doesn’t have to be just paint, we can use any kind of mediums we want. I’m thinking I might use some of the driftwood that I have been collecting (hence the picture).

So that’s a bit about what I am and will be up to.  I will be sharing about all of it as it unfolds.

What do you have planned? What would you like to do?

Have a wonderful weekend.

Much love

Kate x


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Rollercoaster of a summer – quite literally at times

Welcome back friends. How was your summer?  If any of you are like me you will be split between the disappointment of the kids being back at school and life going back to ‘normal’ and being desperate for some normality!

As ever the summer came and went far too quickly but we did make some great memories.

The holidays started with the kids going off with their Dad for 2 1/2 weeks!  That my friends, was just too long for me.  As most of you know I’ve been used to them going off with their Dad for longish periods of time since they were really little, but the longest I’ve done is 2 weeks and that’s plenty.  The last few days were really pants.

The upside to it though was that Mr H and I got so much done to the house.  We managed to cross off about half of the ‘to do’ list (and it was a huge list).  Feeling much more organised now.  Another bonus was having them home for a few days and then all jetting off for our holiday to Vegas!

Vegas – what can I say?  Hot, mad, loud, colourful, exciting, relaxing and exhausting!

We stayed in a lovely hotel called the Vdara which I would highly recommend.  One of the things we loved about it was that there was no casino there, but it was only a short walk to the strip and all the buzz and energy so we had the best of both worlds.  The  pool was stunning and the staff were brilliant.

IMG_0597  IMG_0600

Some of the highlights of the trip were

. Doing the zip wire on Freemont Street (although not the most savoury place to be with kids at that time of day)!  We launched from much further back than you can see and went under all the lit up canopy.  It was amazing.


. Going to Cowabunga water park (no photos as phones were in lockers)

. Meeting up with good friends and having Tepinyaki for the first time (all your food is cooked in front of you on the hot plate.  Such good fun)


. Riding the New York New York roller coaster at night (I screamed, a lot) I wish I had photographic evidence of this but unfortunately not!

When I say the roller coaster was one of the highlights, what I actually mean is that my daughter made me go on it even though I really didn’t want to. I was so pleased that I had done it afterwards though.

The best part about the whole holiday for me though was us being together.  No distractions from anything, just time spent together making memories.  Priceless.

Getting back into ‘normal’ life has been really hard.  Jet lag was horrible and made me feel ever so low.  What have your experiences of jet lag been like? I’m very pleased to say that it has now passed.

How were the holidays for you?  What lovely places have you been to and what have you been doing?

I’m feeling quite excited about what’s next, it’s the start of a new academic year which I find is a good time to reflect on where you are and what your doing.  Kids have started afresh so it’s the perfect time for me to do the same.  I have a couple of new things on the horizon that once I’m in the flow will be blogging about.

Whats new with you?  Starting a new job, going back to college, plans to do life differently?

I really would love to hear all about your journeys, adventures and plans for the future.  If you feel like your not very inspired by life or the future at the moment come and be inspired here and see what others are up to.  I get so much of my inspiration from other people and sometimes life is simply about getting on with the season that we are in, it doesn’t mean that other peoples lives are more exciting or that ours is boring.

I always find being happy and excited for other people puts me in a better frame of mind which I’m not saying I always manage.  A couple of weeks ago I could hardly see beyond the end of each day!

So, friends can I ask that if you have found this post interesting and or helpful in any way, that you would leave a comment.  By sharing our own experiences and highs and lows we can be such an encouragement to others.  It’s also great to hear about what other people are up to outside of our usual circles.

Cant wait to hear your comments and input.

Have a wonderful weekend

Much love


Kate x